Magne Knudsen

Magne’s research broadly focuses on change and continuity in livelihood, family and community relations in coastal and upland regions of Southeast Asia, and the challenge of ensuring more socially inclusive forms of environmental regulation. Before joining NUS as a postdoctoral fellow in 2012, Magne obtained a PhD in social anthropology from the Australian National University, based on fieldwork in coastal communities on Negros Island in the Philippines. In his most recent project, Magne has moved focus to an upland frontier region of the Southern Philippines, to an area where logging, mining and conservation interests compete and align with diverse local livelihood aspirations.


Office: AS1 #03-13
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Recent Publications

Knudsen, M. (2013) ‘Beyond clientelism: Neighbourhood leaders on a Philippine island’. Anthropological Forum, published online:

Knudsen, M. (2012) ‘Fishing families and cosmopolitans in conflict over land on a Philippine island.’ Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 43 (3): 478-499.

Fabinyi, M., Knudsen, M. and Segi, S. (2010). ‘Social Complexity, Ethnography and Coastal Resource Management in the Philippines,’ Coastal Management 38 (6): 617-632.