Qiushi Feng

Feng Qiushi received his PhD degree at Duke University in 2009, and then worked as a post-doc research associate at the Duke University Medical Center from 2009 to 2011. His fields include aging and health, demography, and economic sociology. His research applies both qualitative and quantitative methods, and he teaches social research methods in the department. He published at Journal of American Geriatrics Society, Journal of Gerontology: Social Science, Journal of Public Health, Journal of Aging and Health, Stroke, Arthritis Care & Research, and International Journal of Market Research. He is currently working on a project of comparing successful aging in Singapore, Shanghai and Seoul, and a project of forecasting household structure and eldercare cost in China and India for the next forty years.


Office: AS1 04-30
Tel: 6516-4420
Email: socfq@nus.edu.sg
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Recent Publications

Feng, Qiushi, Zhihong Zhen, Danan Gu, Bei Wu, Pamela W Duncan, and Jama L Purser. 2013. “Trends of ADL and IADL Disabilities in Community-dwelling Shanghai Older Adults, 1998 to 2008.” Forthcoming at Journal of Gerontology: Social Science.

Tilson, Julie, Sam Wu, Steven Cen, Qiushi Feng, Dorian Rose, Andrea Behrman, Stan Azen, and Pamela Duncan. 2012. “Characterizing and Identifying Risk for Falls in the LEAPS Study: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Interventions to Improve Walking Poststroke.” Stroke 43(2):446-452. (The First Prize winner of the Stroke Progress and Innovation Award of 2012)

Feng, Qiushi, Jama Purser, Zhihong Zhen, and Pamela Duncan. 2011. “Less Exercise and More TV in Modernization: Trend of Physical Activity in Shanghai Elder, 1998 to 2008.” Journal of Public Health 33(4):543-550.

Feng, Qiushi, Zhenglian Wang, Danan Gu, and Yi Zeng. 2011. “Household Vehicle Consumption Forecasting in the United States, 2000 to 2025.” International Journal of Market Research 53(5):593-618.

Feng, Qiushi, Helen Hoenig, Danan Gu, Yi Zeng, and Jama Purser. 2010. “Impact of New Disability Subtypes on Three-year Mortality in Chinese Older Adults.” Journal of American Geriatrics Society 58(10):1952-1958.