Liang Rose Yee Hing

I’m a graduate of NUS and in my PhD thesis examined teacher cultural change and continuity from the time of Singapore’s independence to 2006. While doing this, I  worked as a full-time teaching assistant in the sociology department. Previous to this, in Canada, I had moved into the educational field of study via my interest in ethnic and race relation and was involved in several projects funded by the Canadian federal and provincial government on developing learning materials for teachers and high school students on diversity issues (focusing on ethno-cultural and race relations). Since graduation from NUS, I worked at the National Institute of Education on various research projects (on teachers’ espoused beliefs; Singapore digital youth and their new media practices; and school-based curriculum innovations in Singapore schools). My current focus is in the teaching of sociology in the areas of families, ethnic and race relations, and Singapore society.


Office: AS1 02-18
Tel: 6516-3823

Recent Publications

Liang, Y. H., & Wang, L. Y. (2015). Singapore youth’'s digital culture of informal learning. In Lin T. B., Chen, D. T.,& Chai, C. S. (EDS.), New Media and Learning in the 21st Century: A socio-cultural perspective (Pp.199-212). Singapore: Springer.

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