Vincent Chua

I received my PhD in Sociology at the University of Toronto in November 2010. My main research area is social networks with an emphasis on social capital – primarily how institutional factors such as labour markets and education affect the job search and networking practices of people. My other research area is the sociology of education.


Office: AS1 04-27
Tel: 6516-6110
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Recent Publications

Chua, Vincent. Forthcoming, Article in Press. Contacts and Contexts. Social Networks.

Chua, Vincent. 2011. Social Networks and Labour Market Outcomes in a Meritocracy. Social Networks 33(1): 1-11.

Chua, Vincent, Julia Madej and Barry Wellman. 2011. Personal Communities: The World According to Me. In Sage Handbook of Social Network Analysis. Pp. 101-115. John Scott and Peter Carrington (eds.) London: Sage.

Under Review

Categorical Sources of Varieties of Network Inequalities

The Value of Unmobilized Social Capital in Getting a Good Job

The Structuring of Specialized Interpersonal Boutiques

Do Raffles Boys 'Rule' and Anglo-Chinese Boys 'Own' Singapore? Analyzing School-to-Work Correspondences in an Elite Developmental State

Current Projects

Masculinization of Female Biography and Reproduction of Ethnic Inequalities in Access to Junior College Education across School and Neighbourhood Contexts (1970-2010) – with Eik Swee (Department of Economics, University of Melbourne)

Networked Individuals: Communication Multiplexity and Personal Well-Being – with Helen Wang (Department of Communication, SUNY Buffalo)

Network Geographies in Singapore – with Kay Axhausen, Erath Alexander (Transport Planning - Verkehrsplanung), Institut für Verkehrsplanung und Transportsysteme (IVT) and Teresa Tan (Department of Sociology, NUS)

Social Capital, Cultural Capital and Ethnic Advancement in Toronto – with Bonnie Erickson and research team (Department of Sociology, University of Toronto)