Volker Schmidt

Volker H. Schmidt’s work focuses on social justice and inequality, social policy, social theory, and globalization. In 1997/98 he was a Kennedy Memorial Fellow at the Center for European Studies, Harvard University; and during 2008/09 he was a Visiting Fellow at the excellence cluster on "Religion and Politics in Modernity", University of Münster, where he also held short-term fellowship at the Center for Advanced Studies in Bioethics, June 2010, and July 2011. Schmidt is the author or co-author of five books, editor or co-editor of four volumes, and he has published over 70 journal articles and book chapters in English and German, some of which have been translated into Chinese, Portuguese and Turkish.


Office: AS1 03-10
Tel: 6516-3176
Email: socvhs@nus.edu.sg
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Recent Publications

2011: "Max Weber in Light of East Asian Development", Max Weber Studies 11 (1): 11-32

2011: "How Unique is East Asian Modernity?", Asian Journal of Social Science 39 (3): 304-331; reprinted 2012 in Oliver Kozlarek, Jörn Rüsen and Ernst Wolff (eds.) Shaping a Humane World – Civilizations, Axial Times, Modernities, Humanisms. Bielefeld: Transcript, 157-193.

2012: "Modernization", in: George Ritzer (ed.) The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Globalization. Oxford: Blackwell, 1441-1444.

2012: "Late Modernization in the Age of Globalization: East Asia and Beyond", in Ishwar Modi (ed.) Modernization, Globalization and Social Transformation. Jaipur and New Delhi: Rawat Publications, 77-89.

2012: "Comparing Inequalities. On a Difference that Makes a Difference", in Dan Soen, Melly Shechory and Sarah Ben-David (eds.) Minority Groups: Coercion, Discrimination, Exclusion, Deviance and the Quest for Equality. New York: Nova Science, 3-16.