CSA Modules

CSA Coursework Requirements

Current intakes have to read 8 modules, as well as to undertake and complete research under supervision in order to complete the programme. There are several modules which can be read and counted towards graduation in the CSA-PhD programme, but each semester of any given academic year will have different course offerings. Please check this space before the start of each semester for updates about current offerings and instructions for registration.

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Core Modules

CSA6101 Cultural Studies Theory and Analysis
This is a foundational module aimed at providing a common conceptual ground for all the candidates in the PhD programme in Cultural Studies in Asia. It examines the works of various theorists from which Cultural Studies draw its concepts and analytic frameworks. It examines how these concepts and frameworks are utilised in the analysis of particular cultural practices and interventions in comtemporary societies. Students gain additional depth as they work through the concepts and frameworks in the research papers for this module.

CSA6102 Cultural Studies in Asia
This module will examine the various areas of research in Cultural Studies conducted by Asian scholars or scholars locating their research in Asia. It will examine the histories, concepts and analytic strategies that these scholars deploy in the analysis of the changing cultural landscapes and practices in contemporary Asia. Abiding themes of the module will be the conceptual constitution of the idea of 'Asia', the emergence of 'trans-Asian' practices and the possibility of 'pan-Asian' identities that these trans-location practices might engender.

CSA6770 Graduate Research Seminar
This is a required module for all PhD candidates in Cultural Studies in Asia programme. It is a forum for candidates to engage each other in critical discussion of their dissertation and other research projects. Each candidate is required to present a formal research paper. Active participation from each is expected. The module will be graded ‘Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory' on the basis of a candidate's presentation and participation in discussions throughout the semester.

Elective Modules

This list of modules is drawn from existing modules offered across disciplines in FASS, their suitability will be reviewed periodically. New modules introduced by the different departments will also be considered at regular curriculum reviews. Students may also propose other modules to be considered as elective modules.

CSA6880 Topics in Cultural Studies in Asia (will be conducted each year by a visiting scholar)
CH6226 Chinese Literary Theories and Movements
CH6261 Chinese Studies in the West
EL5253 Textual Construction of Knowledge
EL6882 Topics in Language and Society
EN5231 Asian and Other Modernities
EN5232 Ideological Approaches to Literature
EN5234 The Postcolonial Novel in English
EN5252 Movies, Spectatorship and Subjectivity
EN6102 Advanced Critical Reading
TS5212 Asian International Cinema
GE5214 Southeast Asian Cultural Landscapes
HY5303 Problems in Cultural History
HY6206 Community Formation in SE Asia
JS5203 Japanese Literary & Performance Studies
MS6201 Literature and Art in Malay Society
MS6204 Capitalism and Malay Culture
PH5650 Topics in Continental Philosophy
NM5202 New Media in Emerging Asian Economies
NM6201 Communication and Culture
NM6202 Technological Embodiments
SC5209 Sociology of Everyday Life
SC5219 Tourism: Culture, Society and the Environment
SC6102 Sociological Theory and Social Reality
SC6212 Global Transformation
SC6214 Gender, Culture and Society
SC6215 Religion In The Contemporary World
SC6216 The Anthropological Perspective
SC6222 Topics in Transnationalism
SE5221 Southeast Asian Cultural Landscapes
SE5226 Race and Ethnicity in Southeast Asia
SE6227 Postcolonialism in Southeast Asia