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Cultural Studies in Asia | Chinese Studies | English Language & Literature | Geography | History |
Japanese Studies
 | Malay Studies | Philosophy | Communications & New Media | Sociology | 
Southeast Asian Studies
SE5221 Southeast Asian Cultural Landscapes
Modular Credits 4
Workload 3-0-0-1-2
Prerequisite(s) Nil
Preclusion(s) GE5214
Cross-listing(s) GE5214
This module will provide an overview of the tremendous diversity of peoples and cultures in Southeast Asia, with the aim of examining its regional identity. Aspects of material and non-material culture as they have developed from prehistoric to contemporary times will be discussed, including racial, linguistic and religious varieties and their impacts on the landscapes. The influence of “place” or local context on evolving peoples and cultures will also be examined.
SE5226 Race and Ethnicity in Southeast Asia
Modular Credits 4
Workload 0-3-0-1-6
Prerequisite(s) For SE Honours students with a minimum CAP of 3.00
Preclusion(s) Nil
Cross-listing(s) Nil
The aim is to study in detail one major ethnic group in Southeast Asia or a set of related ethnic groups. The emphasis will be placed on cultural values and the module may address how these are expressed in institutions, the way of life, and the mode of interaction with other ethnic groups in host societies.
SE6227 Postcolonialism in Southeast Asia
Modular Credits 4
Workload 3-0-0-1-6
Prerequisite(s) Nil
Preclusion(s) Nil
Cross-listing(s) Nil
This module explores ways of understanding the specificities and social realities of thought, action, and cultural subjectivities in Southeast Asia and how postcolonial approaches offer some answers but also pose further questions to the project of understanding local difference in Southeast Asia. It offers an introduction to major controversies in the study of local difference in Southeast Asia and explores their linkages as well as challenges to postcolonial premises, analytical concepts, and critical procedures.