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Cultural Studies in Asia | Chinese Studies | English Language & Literature | Geography | History |
Japanese Studies
 | Malay Studies | Philosophy | Communications & New Media | Sociology | 
Southeast Asian Studies
HY5303 Problems in Cultural History
Modular Credits 4
Workload 0-3-0-7-0
Prerequisite(s) Accumulated 120 MCs. Admission is subject to the Department's approval
Preclusion(s) Nil
Cross-listing(s) Nil
This module aims to introduce graduate students to cultural history as a distinct sub-discipline within historical studies.  In each session, the module will structured around a theme (eg, ‘Culture and imperialism’, ‘Power, Status and Charisma’) to allow the student to both learn about the methodology of cultural historians and how this field fits into the broader study of history.
HY6206 Community Formation in SE Asia
Modular Credits 4
Workload 0-3-0-0-7
Prerequisite(s) Nil
Preclusion(s) Nil
Cross-listing(s) Nil
The module will focus on different types of identity or community – different modes of belonging – which have operated, or are likely to operate, in Southeast Asia. Discussion will cover the nation state, diasporic, ethnic, family, religious, gender, security, trading and other ‘communities’ in the region. We will also give attention to regionalism – particularly the sentiment that underpins the ASEAN and East Asian regional project.