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Cultural Studies in Asia | Chinese Studies | English Language & Literature | Geography | History |
Japanese Studies
 | Malay Studies | Philosophy | Communications & New Media | Sociology | 
Southeast Asian Studies
NM5202 New Media in Emerging Asian Economies
Modular Credits 4
Workload 0-3-0-2-5
Prerequisite(s) For CNM majors who have accumulated 120 MCs and CNM, FASS & SOC graduate students
Preclusion(s) IF5202
Cross-listing(s) Nil
This module will apply major theoretical developments in new media and information and communications technology studies and their relevance to emerging Asian Economies. New media such as Internet, mobile communications, and cable and satellite broadcasting are changing emerging Asian economies.  The rapid diffusion of these technologies have impacted upon various facets of society in these countries – governance, political participation, business, education, social and family relations and leisure habits. This thematically-based module will focus on specific issues such as governance in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, social relations in China, Japan and Malaysia, leisure in Korea and Singapore, business and economy in India, Thailand and Vietnam etc.
NM6201 Communication and Culture
Modular Credits 4
Workload 0-3-0-3-4
Prerequisite(s) Nil
Preclusion(s) IF6201
Cross-listing(s) Nil
The media play tremendously important roles in our lives: by our ubiquitous, daily interactions with them; by the ways they shape the political and cultural landscape within the public sphere; or by engendering possibilities for communication. In this module we will consider questions such as: How should we understand the relationships among media and the social and cultural contexts in which they operate? How should we think through the relationship of technology and communication? What is new about new media technologies? How do certain cultures create and naturalize particular modes of media form and content? How do media technologies interact with/create forms of community and identity?
NM6202 Technological Embodiments
Modular Credits 4
Workload Instructor's approval
Prerequisite(s) Nil
Preclusion(s) IF6202
Cross-listing(s) Nil
The module targets advanced students in the arts and social sciences interested in the study of the social, cultural, political and aesthetic impact of new technologies on conceptions of human embodiment. Students will critically engage the field of human-machine interaction, particularly related to research on concepts, visions and technologies of interfacing ‘human’ and ‘machine’: internet, cyborg, wearable and ubiquitous computing, and immersive virtual reality (gaming in particular). Apart from developing students’ interdisciplinary skills, this module aims to link the discourse of new media and technology with that of the body, where idea of ‘the body and its boundaries’ itself is not assumed but carefully scrutinized.