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There are two department-level awards for eligible graduate students:
- Lee Foundation Prize (for Masters students only)
- Ananda Rajah Prize (for Masters and PhD students)


The Lee Foundation Prize was set up when a capital sum of SGD15,000 was donated in 1998 to the department’s Master of Social Sciences (Applied Sociology) coursework programme. The Prize was awarded to the best student in the programme. Students must have completed all graduation requirements and achieved the highest Cumulative Average Point (CAP) in that given academic year. However, with the 2005 phasing out of the Applied Sociology programme, it has been decided that the Prize should be converted to benefit Masters students in the research programme. The terms and conditions of this Prize are as follows:

  1. The award will be made out to the best M.Soc.Sci. student in the research programme with the highest CAP score, of at least 4.00.
  2. Eligible students will be those who have completed required coursework in a given academic year.
  3. If there are candidates of equal merit, the award will be equally divided between them.
  4. Students with module exemptions will not be eligible for the Prize.

Other criteria will still stand:

  1. The award will be awarded on a yearly basis.
  2. It will be a cash prize of SGD200 per academic year.
  3. It will be made by Board of Graduate Studies on the relevant Board of Examiners’ recommendations.
  4. If there is no candidate of sufficient merit, no award will be made and the income generated will be added to the capital sum.

Past recipients of the Lee Foundation Prize, in recent history, are:

2003: Suja Susan Thomas
2004: Khong Weng Keong
2005: Ng Wee Leng, Janey
2006: Thng E-Shen
2007: Jayeel S. Cornelio
2009: Oh Boon Loon (research programme)
2010: Christopher Navarajan s/o Selva Raj




In memory of the late Associate Professor Ananda Rajah who passed away in late 2007, the Department of Sociology has decided to launch an annual book prize in his name. The following are the terms and conditions of this Prize:

  1. The Prize is awarded on an annual basis to two students with the best graduate theses in the M.Soc.Sci and PhD programmes (two SGD500 book prizes, one for each category).
  2. The criteria in reviewing the graduate thesis would include:
    • The quality of the research questions that guide and underpin the thesis.
    • The demonstration of mastery of and engagement with the concepts/relevant literature within the subject area concerned.
    • The quality of original empirical material collected.
    • The ability to develop logically coherent analysis combining theoretical concerns and empirical material.
    • The quality of style and presentation of problem, analysis and conclusions.
    • The relevance of topic to pressing issues in society.
  3. No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit.
  4. If, in any year, there are two or more candidates of equal merit, the book prize may be distributed by the Department in such manner as it thinks fit.
  5. This gift shall be governed by the University Statutes and Regulations, specifically, Statute 7 and Regulation 12 on Gifts to the University and the corresponding Regulations, as amended.

Past recipients of the Ananda Rajah Prize are:

2008: Christian Chua Che Ming (PhD) and Charanpal Singh Bal (Masters)
2009: Genevieve Denise Duggan (PhD) and Ho Shu Ping (Masters)
2010: Tong Kooi Chin (PhD)




From time to time, the Department may nominate eligible graduate students for University-level prizes/scholarships, or those awarded by external agencies. An example of a University-level prize would be the Wang Gungwu Prize & Medal, for Masters and PhD students with the best theses in the Social Sciences.