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Current M.Soc.Sci (Sociology) Students
Choong Wen Tai, Wayne
Being "Normal" in the Normal Stream: Re-conceptualizing Achievement in Alternative Markets of Success
Christopher Navarajan S/O Selva Raj
The Making of Elite Schools in Singapore, 1940s - 1980s
Daria Alieva
The Conception of Civil Culture in Modern Society: Factors and Basic Formation Mechanisms
Galvez Victoria Francesca
Male Feminists Speak Out
Koh Kim Tat, Dean
Recreational Sports Cycling in Singapore
Leong Huan Chie
Understanding Marriage: Chinese Weddings in Singapore
Loh Han Loong
Ethnographic Study of the Embodiment of Martial Arts in Contemporary Times
Mohammad Khamsya Bin Khidzer
It’s Not The End? A Look into the Lived Experiences and Perceptions of Destigmatized ITE Students
Muhammad Shamil Bin Zainuddin
Politics, Nation Building, Deviance, Race and Ethnic Relations and Human Rights
Nadia Binte Abdullah
Narratives of Modernity: Conversations with Malay Muslim Women in Singapore
Neo Li Xian Victoria Anne
Faiths as the New Thread: Re-weaving the Secular Social Fabric of the City
Seah Min Li, Mabel
Urban Sociology
Sim Wei Chun Joshua
Politics of Heritage and Tourism
Tan Wei Xian Alvin
Social Theory, Modernity and Globalisation
Trin Thananusak
Chinese Businesses and Changes in the Thai Retail Sector
Trinh Hai Ha
Entrepreneurs as Agents of Change: Entrepreneurship in Vietnam's Small Cities and Towns
Wong Wei Lun
Paddle Hard: An Ethnography of a College Dragon Boat Team