Welcome to Graduate Studies at the Department of Sociology!

We offer a PhD programme where you can journey on the Sociology track or the Anthropology track. On the journey, you will be guided by a professor acting as your dissertation supervisor and academic mentor. You will also tap on the diverse expertise and international knowledge of our faculty members, all of whom honed their research skills at the top universities in the world, including NUS. Rigour is the motto we abide by to run the programme, so be prepared to be disciplined!

We also house the Cultural Studies in Asia PhD programme, a unique interdisciplinary programme that trains graduates to engage the complexities of the global cultural industry and the increasing reflexities of knowledge in our worlding societies of today. I also happen to be the academic convener of the CSA PhD programme and will guide you in a challenging journey to harness the international talents in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to cross and break down disciplinary boundaries.

Last and certainly not least, we offer the Master of Social Science (Sociology) degree aimed at Singaporean students who would like to advance their disciplinary research training either after a fruitful stint in the working world or to prepare for their doctoral studies in pursuit of an academic career. Here, you will experience an intense two years of deep exploratory research into new knowledge territories guided by professors who are passionate about society.

This is the crossroads you have been looking for. If any of the above three paths appeal to you, feel free to contact me at to learn more about graduate studies at the Department!

Associate Professor Daniel Goh
Deputy Head and Graduate Studies Chair

Calling Singaporeans Passionate about Society and Culture

We are currently reorienting our PhD and Master of Social Science programmes to cater to the new directions pointed out by the Government of Singapore to get more Singaporeans trained in the critical thinking and research skills of the humanities and social sciences. Singaporean applicants with public sector or industry experience and who would like to continue to advance in their professional careers are especially welcome.

This is not entirely new to the programme. Many of our graduates have chosen to enter or return to the private and public sectors, to bring the skills and knowledge learned completing their PhD and Master degrees to bear on society and culture. These graduates are carving out new frontiers in fields as diverse as international banking, health promotion, prison services, community arts and museum curation.

Think of it as an opportunity to take a sabbatical from your work, to retool and enhance your capabilities as well as to refuel and inspire your spirit for a new phase in your career development. Become a sociologist, go native as an anthropologist, do the avant garde as a cultural studies critic, return and infuse society and culture with new spirits. If any of these appeal, please contact the Graduate Studies Chair and CSA PhD Convener, A/P Daniel Goh at, to discuss various application and funding options.

Welcoming International Students

The Sociology/Anthropology PhD and CSA PhD programmes welcome international students as a mainstay of our learning community. Many of our international graduates are now academics in their respective home countries as well as pursuing postdoctoral research positions in academia around the world. The existing cohort of graduate students come from diverse countries in East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Our selection process favours applicants with well thought-through proposals for dissertation research that match the research interests and expertise of our professors. You might want to contact individual professors who are prospective supervisors for your dissertation research, but you should show that you know their work and interests with some depth.