Ph.D. (Sociology or Anthropology)

The Sociology/Anthropology PhD programme aims to train students in rigorous critical thinking and equip them to conduct in-depth research using multiple methods to advance the knowledge about society and culture. Graduates of the programme are expected to embark on a lifelong learning journey to keep up to date with sociological/anthropological theory and knowledge, so as to continuously apply themselves to practise sociology/anthropology in their professional or academic lives. Graduates of the programme will abide by the code to produce knowledge for the advancement of human civilization and the greater good of society.

Programme Requirements

Please refer to the FASS website for more information on requirements to complete the graduate programme. The Sociology graduate programme abides by most of the guidelines described in the FASS website. However, the information listed below is specific to students of the Department, in relation to coursework requirements. Please also note that the Department does not take in part-time students; the PhD programme is offered on a full-time basis only.

From the August 2010 intake onwards, the Department has introduced significant changes so as to make graduate studies more rigorous and give students more exposure to different areas of the discipline. The goal is to create a more vibrant and scholarly milieu for graduate students to engage in peer evaluation and grow into well-rounded scholars who are competent beyond their chosen areas of specialisation.

Part of the new programme requirements involves graduate students attending and presenting at the Department Seminar Series and Graduate Seminar Series. Students are expected to keep close watch on the seminar listings on both our Department's website and our Sociology blog (which posts information about the graduate seminars). They are expected to contact the respective seminar convenors/chairs when they are ready to present their papers.

August 2012 Intake Onwards

August 2010 and August 2011 Intakes

Prior to August 2010 Intake

Information about Seminars

There are two types of seminars which should be of interest to the graduate student, as follows:

1. Department Seminar Series (DSS)

These are organised, usually on a fortnightly basis, by the Convenor, who is a faculty member of the Department. Each session has one speaker and lasts 1.5 hours. Notification of each seminar session is disseminated via mass email to all graduate students and on the Department's website. Graduate students are encouraged to attend these seminars - PhD students must present a paper (deliver a job talk) in one of them. Attendance will be taken by the Convenor.

2. Graduate Seminar Series (GSS)

The Graduate Seminar Series or Graduate Students Seminars will be held once a semester, by the Sociology Graduate Students Committee. Each session has two to three speakers, who are those in the midst of writing their theses. Notification of each seminar session is disseminated via mass email to all graduate students, as well as on Sociology blog and Department's website. Graduate students are encouraged to attend these seminars - both Masters and PhD students must present a paper in one of these sessions. Attendance will be taken by a member of the Department's Graduate Studies Committee who will attend the seminars.

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