Dr Kelvin Low heads TG07 Senses and Society, ISA

Kelvin Low was recently elected President and co-editor of the thematic group TG07 Senses and Society, International Sociological Association (ISA). He has been researching and publishing on sensory scholarship in the past few years, and co-founded TG07 in 2011.

Senses and Society

Given the burgeoning attention on the senses, both within sociology and other disciplines in the social sciences and beyond, TG07 aims to provide an institutional platform through which scholars working in similar areas on the senses can share and exchange further deliberations. It is hoped that through TG07, scholars would place priority on the social salience of senses in a wide-ranging scope of analytical endeavours on society and social life.

Apart from the recent ISA Forum held in Buenos Aires in August 2012 where TG07 organised 8 panels with different themes on sensory scholarship, the TG will also be co-sponsoring a panel on ‘Sociology of the Senses’ at the 2013 Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting in Chicago. Another major event that TG07 will participate in is the ISA World Congress, which will be held in Yokohama, 2014.

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