Students who would like to major in Sociology under the Faculty of Arts and Social Science should have a strong interest in the subject, and good results at the G.C.E. 'A' Levels, including General Paper. To apply or make inquiries, please visit the Office of Admissions.

Bachelors of Arts

For FASS students who are
 * single SC majors on the B.A. track
 * double majors reading SC as their primary/first major

The current graduation requirements are:
 (i) complete all applicable University-level requirements
 (ii) pass at least 60 MCs of Sociology or other recognized modules which must include:
  - SC1101E Making Sense of Society
  - SC2101 Methods of Social Research
  - SC3101 Social Thought and Social Theory
  - any 1 alternate essential module (SC3209 / SC3213 / SC3221)
  - at least 28 MCs of level-3000 SC modules or higher, including the essential & alternate essential

Please note that:
 (i) once the B.A. degree is conferred, students cannot return to pursue Honours
 (ii) Declaration of major can only be done by students according to timelines set by FASS Dean's Office

Bachelor’s Degree Classification and Criteria:
 Pass with Merit: CAP 3.00 and above
 Pass: CAP 2.00 – 2.99

For Double Majors Reading Sociology as a Second Major

For the 2006 Cohort onwards, requirements are:
 (i) pass 48 MCs of Sociology or other recognised modules, which must include
  - SC1101E Making Sense of Society
  - SC2101 Methods of Social Research
  - SC3101 Social Thought and Social Theory
  - at least 20 MCs of SC modules at level-3000 or higher (including SC3101)
 (ii) subject to Department’s approval, second majors can read level-4000 SC modules

Bachelors of Social Sciences (B.Soc.Sci.) With Honours

Current requirements for students on track towards a B.Soc.Sci. with Honours degree are:
 (i) complete all University-level and B.A. SC major requirements, with a CAP of least 3.50
 (ii) pass at least 8 level-4000 or higher Sociology approved modules:
  - up to a maximum of 2 level-5000 modules to fulfil this requirement (subject to Department’s approval)
  - the Honours Thesis (HT) is equivalent to 3 level-4000 SC modules

Students who wish to declare the SC Honours track must have completed 110 MCs, of which 60 MCs must be in the SC major, with a CAP of 3.50.
Students who wish to do the HT must additionally have a SJAP (Subject Average Point) of at least 4.00. The SJAP is the average grade point of all major modules read.

Honours Degree Classification and Criteria:
Honours (HIghest Distinction): CAP 4.50 and above AND at least A- in Honours Thesis
Honours (Distinction): CAP 4.00 – 4.49
Honours (Merit): CAP 3.50 – 3.99
Honours: CAP 3.00 – 3.49
Pass: CAP 2.00 – 2.99

General Requirements For Minor Programmes

The following regulations apply for both the SC and CS Minor Programmes:
1. Modules read in fulfillment of the Minor Programmes must be graded.
2. Credit transfer of up to 8 MCs is allowed for students who have gone on overseas exchange, subject to the Department/Programme Director’s approval.
3. Up to 8 MCs can be used to satisfy both Major/another Minor and the SC/CS Minor requirements. However, the credits can only be counted once.
4. MCs read from UEMs may be used (partially or wholly) to satisfy the minor requirements. However, FASS students will still need to fulfill the MCs required for the UE outside Major requirements.
5. Recognised Minor modules read under Exposure, Breadth and GEM can be used to satisfy minor requirements at the same time. Please note that the Breadth modules must be from outside the student’s Faculty.

Sociology (SC) Minor Programme
Students must pass a minimum of
1. 24 MCs of Sociology modules which must include:
 - the essential module SC1101E
 - at least 8 MCs of level-3000 Sociology modules (excluding GEMs & SS modules offered by the Department)

Cultural Studies (CX) Minor Programme
1. Students must pass a minimum of 24 MCs of recognised CX Minor modules which must include:
 - the essential module SC3224: Theory and Practice in Cultural Stuides
 - at least 8 MCs of level-2000 modules
 - at least 8 MCs of level-3000 modules, including the essential module (SC3224).
2. Only a maximum of 3 modules can be read from the same department (outside the student’s major).

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