Recognised Honours Modules

With the recognition of these modules, Sociology Honours students will have additional modular choices from the current list of level-4000 modules offered by Sociology Department. This would also broaden the intellectual base of Sociology Honours graduates as they read modules in Asian Studies, Humanities and other Social Sciences in addition to receiving a firm grounding in Sociology and Anthropology through four undergraduate years in NUS.

Global Studies

GL4881A Colonial, Anticolonial, Postcolonial Globalisations
GL4888A Justice and Emerging Technology
GL4889A International Law and Terrorism


HY4205/EU4224 War and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe
HY4207 Special Paper in Military History
HY4210 Issues and Events in Malaysian History
HY4211 Topics in Environmental History
HY4212/EU4214 Special Paper in Modern European History
HY4215 The Classical Empires of Southeast Asia
HY4216 Culture and Literature in S.E.A. History
HY4219/AS4219 American Intellectual History
HY4222 Asian Business History: Case Studies
HY4225 Ideological Origins of US Foreign Policy
HY4227 Sources of Singaporean History
HY4229 Biography and History
HY4230 Historiography and Historical Method

Japanese Studies

JS4230 Advanced Readings in Popular Culture

Malay Studies

MS4101 Theory and Practice in Malay Studies
MS4201 Social Change, 1900-1950
MS4204 Malay Middle Class
MS4880A Topics in Muslim Revivalism
MS4880B Topics in Malay Culture and Globalization

Political Science

PS4201 Contemporary Political Theory
PS4208 Theories of International Relations
PS4217A Major Political Thinkers: Plato and Rousseau
PS4218 European Foreign Policy
PS4219 Comparative Political Thought
PS4221 Contemporary Politics of Northeast Asia
PS4228 Comparative Democratic Politics
PS4230 Public Sector Reforms in China
PS4231 Social Theory and International Relations
PS4232 Researching Singapore Politics
PS4881B Topics in CP: Malaysian Politics
PS4882A Topics in IR: Globalisation, Security and the State
PS4882E Topics in IR: Arms Control
PS4882F The Politics of International Trade
PS4883A Topics in PT: Orientalism and Femininity
PS4884A Topics in PA: Applying Public Policy Theory


PL4880M Social Psychology and Technology

South Asian Studies

SE4217 Southeast Asia in the Global Economy
SE4226 Doing Ethnography in Southeast Asia