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The Singapore Research Nexus (SRN), launched in 2011, is a research initiative from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) at the National University of Singapore. It has been many years in the making, with our Faculty’s history dating back to 1929.
Much of our arts, humanities and social science work covers the Southeast Asian region and beyond, and yet still a significant portion focuses on Singapore itself.

We have thus created the SRN to serve as a showcase for past research, a resource for current research and a platform for future research on Singapore. It will provide a useful tool for academics, policy makers and those with a general interest in how research has helped shape the story of Singapore.

Thousands of academic publications have been collated, and many already have full text versions for browsing via Scholarbank. What has emerged in the process of putting together the SRN is that we have realized the vast wealth and potential of the project. In 2012 we have added Singapore-related creative work, which encompasses novels, poems, plays, and short films – all written by FASS Faculty and students, past and present.

The goal is for the SRN to remain a vital resource for scholars interested in work on Singapore. We hope you can share our enthusiasm for this exciting and worthwhile project which offers users a studied view of Singapore in all its diversity and complexity.

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Singapore Research Nexus

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