The Institute of Policy Studies launches the “Singapore Panel Study on Social Dynamics”

6 November, 2014

In what is Singapore’s first long-term study to track family resilience and social mobility, the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) at NUS has launched the “Singapore Panel Study on Social Dynamics”. This academic study will track 5000 families from year to year for at least three years to find out how families behave, what helps them weather tough times and what factors drive social change. It will also cover subjective aspects such as values and aspirations. The survey, the flagship project of the UPS Social Lab, will help in studying issues such as social mobility and the effectiveness of government policies.

Helming the eight-person research team are Dr Leong Chan-Hoong, Senior Research Fellow, and Associate Professor Tan Ern Ser (FASS Sociology) from the IPS at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at NUS.

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