How climate change will affect transboundary haze

9 October, 2015

Thick haze has enveloped the region for the past month, sparking health concerns and worries over its impact on regional economies. In response, regional countries have not only offered to provide help to the Indonesian government in putting out raging wild fires but have also vowed to punish errant companies involved in burning plantations. Yet, climate change remains the elephant in the room.

In an article contribution in TODAY, Assistant Professor Winston Chow (Department of Geography) discusses how a changing climate could influence the likelihood of future regional haze occurrences. He believes that while the concern is on the causes and impacts of the haze, the impact of climate change should also not be neglected, highlighting evidence indicative of a future climate favoring more frequent trans-boundary haze episodes. According to Assistant Professor Chow, anticipating likely increases in future haze events and adapting accordingly could be a viable option for all affected stakeholders in the long run.

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Photo credit: TODAY