Journal Article Highlights (published in 2015)

27 October, 2015

Migration in Singapore (Dept of Geography)

“Still ‘Breadwinners’ and ‘Providers’: Singaporean Husbands, Money, and Masculinity in Transnational Marriages” by Yi’En Cheng, Brenda Yeoh, and Juan Zhang in Gender, Place and Culture, Volume 22, Issue 6


“Migration-as-development repackaged? The globalising imperative of the Singaporean state’s diaspora strategy” by Elaine Ho and Mark Boyle in the Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, Volume 36, Issue 2


“A situated analysis of global knowledge networks: Capital accumulation strategies of transnationally mobile scientists in Singapore” by Ravinder Sidhu, Brenda Yeoh and Sushila Chang in Higher Education, Volume 69, Issue 1


Singapore’s Postcolonial Enterprise (Dept of Sociology)

Singapore, the State, and Decolonial Spatiality” by Daniel Goh in Cultural Dynamics, Volume 27, Issue 2

“State-owned enterprises, state capitalism and social distribution in Singapore” by Chua Beng Huat in The Pacific Review, April 2015

Combating Piracy in the Straits of Malacca (Dept of Political Science)

“Norm Subsidiarity and Institutional Cooperation: Explaining the Straits of Malacca Anti-Piracy Regime” by Terence Lee and Kevin McGahan in The Pacific Review, Volume 28, Issue 4

Poverty in Singapore (Dept of Social Work)

“Being poor in a rich “nanny state”: Developments in Singapore social welfare.” by Irene Ng in The Singapore Economic Review, Volume 60, Issue 3