Newcomers lend a hand in their adopted home

2 June, 2020

Photo: The Straits Times, Kevin Lim

In ‘Newcomers lend a hand in their adopted home’, The Straits Times captures the spirit of volunteerism that has emerged in Singapore amongst recent immigrants and new citizens during the Covid-19 crisis.

Examples such as the ItsRainingRaincoats initiative that has aided migrant workers, and more individual grassroots efforts that often go unnoticed, such as distributing masks and food to vulnerable and elderly Singaporeans, show the strong sense of community during these times of uncertain health and finances.

Asked to comment on the phenomenon, Associate Professor Elaine Ho (NUS Department of Geography) suggests that immigrants often help the local community to both anchor themselves in their adopted country as well as to simply give back to society.
Of particular note is the ‘more diffused and differentiated’ form of volunteerism that has emerged during the Covid-19 crisis, such as the numerous student initiatives and ad hoc projects that have sprung up over the past few months.

Given the visibly negative social and economic impacts on people’s daily lives, the positives of Singaporeans proactively helping the more vulnerable members of society reveal a different and more human dimension to the otherwise world famous finance and technology hub of the East.

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