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Listing of creative work related to Singapore.

Our new Creative Work database is a repository for literary and dramatic works related to Singapore which are written by FASS Faculty and Students, past and present. The contents of this work-in-progress call on the theories and techniques taught and researched at FASS. Some of the creative work links to a sample of the original text. Research is also ongoing and the database will grow as we continue to update it. Items with the symbol “i” indicate that an abstract is available.

To search more effectively, please use the MLA or APA citation style which uses the author’s last name and initials.

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    “Fragments from the Young Artist” (Pelukis Muda), Trans. Noor Aisha bte. Abdul Rahman, The Fiction of Singapore, Eds. E. Thumboo, et al., Singapore: Unipress, 1990, 85-7, Print.
    by Rosmera
    Languages: English
    Departments: Malay Studies
    Categories: Short Story
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