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  • 181.
    Research Materials on the Teochew Community in Southeast Asia in the Special Collection of the NUS Chinese Library: An Annotated Bibliography
    Singapore: Department of Chinese Studies National University of Singapore, Chinese Library National University of Singapore , 2012
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 182.
    Clinical Psychology in Singapore: An Asian Casebook
    NUS Press, 380 (2015). Singapore.
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 183.
    Transregional and Cross-disciplinary Studies on Hakka Culture
    Singapore: NUS Chinese Studies, Char Yang Association, Global Publishing, 2015.
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 184.
    Food, Foodways and Foodscapes
    World Scientific Series on Singapore's 50 Years of Nation-Building, 250 (2015). Singapore.
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 185.
    Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Edition, 2015.
    Faculty Department : Political Science
  • 186.
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences, 282 (2015). (United Kingdom).
    Faculty Department : Economics and Psychology
  • 187.
    New York: Routledge, 2012.
    Faculty Department : Political Science
  • 188.
    Facilitating Worker Mobility: A Randomized Information Intervention among Migrant Workers in Singapore
    IZA Conference on Labor Market Policy Evaluation ( 8 - 9 Oct 2015, IZA, Bonn, Germany)
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 189.
    Adding a basic pillar to the Central Provident Fund System: An actuarial analysis
    The Singapore Economic Review, 60, no. 3 (2015). (Singapore).
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 190.
    Being Poor in a Rich “Nanny State”: Developments in Singapore Social Welfare
    by Ng, I.
    The Singapore Economic Review, 60.3 (2015): 17 pages. (Singapore)
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 191.
    Indians in the modelling of Singapore
    by Rai, R.
    Fifty Years of Nation-Building: Contribution of the Indian Community, ed. Gopinath Pillai and K. Kesavapany. World Scientific Press, 2015. 15 pp.
    Faculty Department : South Asian Studies
  • 192.
    Class and Social Orientations: Key Findings of 2011 Survey on Social Stratification in Singapore
    IPS Exchange Series, 4, ed. Gillian Koh. Singapore: Institute of Policy Studies, 2015. 82 pp.
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 193.
    Marriage and parenthood in Singapore
    50 Years of Social Issues in Singapore, ed. David Chan. Singapore: World Scientific Press, 2015. 20 pp.
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 194.
    The Cultural Politics of Heritage Making in Asia
    Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2015.
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 195.
    Singapore, the State, and Decolonial Spatiality
    Cultural Dynamics, 27, no. 2 (2015): 215-226. (United States).
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 196.
    The Perception Structure of Successful Aging and its Correlatives in Singapore
    Journals of Gerontology Series B - Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, (2015). (United States).
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 197.
    How Do Singaporeans Connect? Ties among Chinese, Malays and Indians
    American Behavioral Scientist, 59, no. 9 (2015): 1115-1128. (United States).
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 198.
    Social Ties, Communication Channels and Well Being: A Study of the Networked Lives of College Students in Singapore
    American Behavioral Scientist, 59, no. 9 (2015): 1189-1202. (United States).
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 199.
    Challenges of Madrasah Education in Contemporary Muslim Societies
    In Living the Faith, Engaging the Mind: Rethinking Madrasah Education in the Modern World. Routledge, 2015.
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 200.
    Redefining youth activism through digital technology in Singapore
    Youth Culture and Activism in Southeast Asia. ISEAS, 2015. (Reprint from a journal article)
    Faculty Department : Communications and New Media
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