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  • 241.
    “Nanyang University and the Language Divide in Singapore: Controversy Over the 1965 Wang Gungwu Report”
    Nantah Tuxiang: Lishi Heliuzhong de Shengshi, Ed. G.K.Lee, Singapore: Global Publishing, NTU Centre of Chinese Language and Culture, 2007, 165-220, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 242.
    Nation-Building: Five Southeast Asian Histories, Ed. G. Wang, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2005, 221-250, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 243.
  • 244.
    “Modernity and Urban Culture in Singapore, 1930-1940″
    Commonwealth & Overseas History Seminar, presented at Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK, 1 May 2003
    Faculty Department : History
  • 245.
    “More than Just Memories: The Singapore Heritage Society, Public Awareness and Heritage Activism in Contemporary Singapore”
    11th Malaysia-Singapore Forum, presented at National University of Singapore, Singapore, 23-25 Oct 2007
    Faculty Department : History
  • 246.
    “Migration Policies in Malaya and Singapore”
    Review of Southeast Asian Studies, 1.3 (1971), Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 247.
    “Migration Policies in Malaya and Singapore”
    presented at London, UK, presented 1 Jan 1969
    Faculty Department : History
  • 248.
    “Mindscape of the Singapore Chinese Business Community: The Founding of the PRC and Beyond, 1949-50)
    Japanese Research Team Project on "Structural Change in Contemporary China", Workshop on China's Relations with the Asia-Pacific Region, presented at Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan, 12 Dec 1998
    Faculty Department : History
  • 249.
    “Mission Impossible: Percival, the Mission, and Command Responsibility in the Defence and Fall of Singapore, 1941-1942″
    Wardig Seminar Series, Dept of History, UK Royal Military Academy, presented at UK Royal Military Academic+, Sandhurst, UK, 28 Jun 2007
    Faculty Department : History
  • 250.
    “Mission Impossible? Percival and the Defence of Singapore, 1941-42″
    Australian Defence College Seminar Series, presented at Australian Defence College, Canberra, Australia, 2 Dec 2005
    Faculty Department : History
  • 251.
    “Merger and Separation in the National Narrative of Singapore”
    Southeast Asia Since 1945: Reflections and Visions, presented at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, 20-23 Jul 2004
    Faculty Department : History
  • 252.
    “Maps and Charts of Singapore from the Archives of Continental Europe”
    GoLibrary, presented at National Library, Singapore
    Faculty Department : History
  • 253.
    “Maria Hertogh Riots”
    Singapore: The Encyclopedia, Eds. T.Koh et al. Singapore: Editions Didier Millet and National Heritage Board, 2006, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 254.
    “Man Eating Tigers of Colonial Singapore”
    International Association of Historians of Asia, presented 22-25 Jun 2010
    Faculty Department : History
  • 255.
    Maritime Heritage of Singapore, Ed. A. Lau, Singapore: Suntree Media Pte. Ltd, 2005, 30-47, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 256.
    “Making the History of Singapore: S. Rajaratnam and C.V. Devan Nair”
    The Lieutenants of Lee Kuan Yew, Eds. K. Tan and P.E. Lam, Australia: Allen and Unwin, 1999, 96-116, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 257.
    “Malay Cosmopolitan Activism in Post-War Singapore”
    Paths Not Taken, Eds. M. Barr and C.A. Trocki, Singapore: NUS Press, 2008, 132-153, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 258.
    Asian Survey, 9.2 (Feb 1969): 122-129, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 259.
    “Malaysia and Singapore”
    Nations and Nationalism: A Global Historical Overview, Volume 3 1945-1989, Eds. G.H. Herb and D.H. Kaplan, Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 2008, 1213-1226, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 260.
    “Luso-Johor-Dutch Relations in Malacca and Singapore c. 1600-1623″
    Itinerario,28.2 (2004): 15-33, Print
    Faculty Department : History