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  • 281.
    “Jacques de Coutre as a Source for the History of 17th Century Singapore, the Johor River, and the Straits”
    Exploring Socio-Cultural Exchange and New Identitites in Asia: Proceedings of NUS--JSPS Workshop, 25-26 Nov 2002
    Faculty Department : History
  • 282.
    “Jacques de Coutre as a Source for the History of 17th Century Singapore, the Johor River, and the Straits”
    Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 81.2 (2008): 71-97, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 283.
    “Intelligent Island to Biopolis: Smart Minds, Sick Bodies and Millennial Turns in Singapore”
    Asian Biopoleis: Biotechnology & Biomedicine as Emergent Forms of Life & Practice, organised by Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, presented at the ARI Seminar Room, Tower Block Level 10, 469A Bukit Timah Road, NUS Bukit Timah Campus, 6-8 Jan 2011
    Faculty Department : History
  • 284.
    “India and Indians in the Making of Singapore, 1819-1990″
    Singapore-India Relations: A Primer, Ed. M.C. Yong, Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1995, 1-20, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 285.
    “India and Indians in the Making of Singapore”
    Singapore and India: Gearing Up for the 21st Century, presented 27-28 Jul 1994
    Faculty Department : History
  • 286.
    “India and Indians in the Making of Singapore”
    Singapore and India: Gearing up for the 21st Century, 1995, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 287.
    “Indigenising Singapore’s Past: An Approach Towards Internalising Singapore’s Settlement History From the Late Thirteenth to Twenty-First Centuries”
    New Perspectives and Sources on the History of Singapore: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach, Ed. D. Heng, Singapore: National Library Board, 2005, 3-20, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 288.
    “Indonesia’s Singapore Connection, 1945-1948″
    The Heartbeat of Indonesian Revolution, Ed. Taufik Abdullah, Jakarta: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 1997, 232-250, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 289.
    “Imperial Subjects, Straits Citizens: Anglophone Asians and the Struggle for Political Rights in Inter-War Singapore”
    Paths Not Taken: Political Pluralism in Post-War Singapore, Eds. M. Barr, Singapore: NUS Press, 2008, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 290.
    “Home Port Singapore”
    Malaysia, May 1966, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 291.
    “History and the Imagineries of the ‘Big Singapore': Positioning the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall”
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 35.1 (2004): 65-89, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 292.
    “History of Singapore: Race and Religious Issues”
    Visiting Delegation to NUS From Vietnam's Central Theoretical Council, Communist Party of Vietnam, presented at National University of Singapore, Singapore, 7 May 2008
    Faculty Department : History
  • 293.
    “History of Singapore’s Immigration, 1819-1867″
    Friends of the Museum Seminar Series, presented at National Museum of Singapore, Singapore, 9 Oct 2007
    Faculty Department : History
  • 294.
    “Globetrotting Between Imperial Cities: Travelers in Hong Kong and Singapore, 1870-1914″
    Hong Kong and Singapore in History: A Comparative Study, presented 5 Dec 2003
    Faculty Department : History
  • 295.
    “Goh Chok Tong: Leading the “Second Generation””
    Southeast Asia: A Historical Encyclopedia: From Angkor Wat to East Timor, Ed. K.G. Ooi, Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 2004, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 296.
    “Global City and Nation-State. The Singapore Story”
    The Beijing Forum, presented at Beijing University, Beijing, China, 15-18 Nov 2005
    Faculty Department : History
  • 297.
    “Fortress Singapore”
    Historical Encyclopedia of Southeast Asia, Santa Barbara, California: ABC-CLIO, 2002, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 298.
  • 299.
    “Film Melayu: Nationalism, Modernity and Film in a Pre-World War Two Malay Magazine”
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 41.1 (2010): 47-70, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 300.
    “Family Feud: The UK, Australia and the Defence of Singapore”
    Humanities Mentorship Conference, presented at National University of Singapore, Singapore, 20 Sep 1997
    Faculty Department : History