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  • 21.
    Research Materials on the Teochew Community in Southeast Asia in the Special Collection of the NUS Chinese Library: An Annotated Bibliography
    Singapore: Department of Chinese Studies National University of Singapore, Chinese Library National University of Singapore , 2012
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 22.
    Transregional and Cross-disciplinary Studies on Hakka Culture
    Singapore: NUS Chinese Studies, Char Yang Association, Global Publishing, 2015.
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 23.
    An Analytic Bibliography of Singapore Teochew Clan Publications (In Chinese)
    Singapore: Department of Chinese studies, NUS; Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan, 2015. 200 pp. Publication no. 0645869
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 24.
    Singapore xinyao songs and Taiwan Folk Song Movements
    by Xu, L
    Dong Hwa Journal of Chinese Studies, 21 (2015): 201-230. (Taiwan). (In Chinese). Publication no. 0638184
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 25.
    Sea of Blood: A Classical Poetry Collection about Singapore During Japanese Occupation
    by Lam, L
    Literary Review, (2015). (China). (In Chinese). Publication no. 0641911
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 26.
    Is the Kongjiao a Religion? The Self-identity of the Straits Confucian Association
    Journal of the South Seas Society, 68 (2014): 119-134. (Singapore). (In Chinese). Publication no. 0629812
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 27.
    Literary attainments and Liang Wern Fook’s Singapore writing
    by Jin, J
    Journal of the South Seas Society, 68, no. 0081-2889 (2014). (Singapore). (In Chinese). Publication no. 0635680
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 28.
    Sports is Politics: Swimming (and) Pools in Postcolonial Singapore
    Asian Studies Review, (2015). (United Kingdom). Publication no. 0637647
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 29.
    Asian Ethnicity, 16, no. 1 (2015): 8-27. (United States). Publication no. 0631865
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 30.
    Cold War, Nan Lai Wen Ren and Modern Chinese Literature: a Case of the staff of Department of Chinese Studies of Nan Yang University of Singapore
    by Jin, J
    Literary Review, (2015). (China). (In Chinese). Publication no. 0635682
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 31.
    One Hundred Years’ History of the Nanyang Confucian Association, Singapore: Nanyang Confucian Association, 2014, Print.
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 32.
    Gods and/or Ancestors: Practicing Lineage in Contemporary Singapore
    Journal of Chinese Overseas, 10, No. 1 (2014): 3-32, Print.
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 33.
    “A Chinese leading revolutionist or a pioneer of Singapore? – A study of Lim Soon”
    Guangzhou: Zhongshan University Press (2012).
    [ [In Chinese] ]
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 34.
    “The effect of life story review on depression of older community-dwelling Chinese adults in Singapore: A preliminary result”
    International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 28(3) (March 2013): 328–330. (United Kingdom).
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 35.
    “A randomised controlled study to explore the effect of life story review on depression in older Chinese Singapore”
    Health and Social Care in the Community, 21(5) (2013): 545–553.
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 36.
    Preface to the 7th Volume of Singapore SAP School Research Projects
    Singapore: Nanhua High School and Dept of Chinese Studies of NUS, 2011.
    [ In Chinese ]
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 37.
    Ethnicity, History, and Fieldwork: Trans-regional and Cross-disciplinary Studies on a Group of Hakka Leaders
    In Ethnicity, History and Culture: Trans-regional and cross-disciplinary studies on Southeast Asia and East Asia; In honor of Wang Gungwu on his 81st birthday, ed. Wong S.K.. Singapore: Dept of Chinese Studies of NUS and Global Publishing Ltd, 2011. (In Chinese). 15 pp.
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 38.
    Eng Teng Association of Singapore: Examining its Development through the Minutes and Souvenir Magazines
    In Changing Faces of Hakka in Southeast Asia: Singapore and Malaysia, ed. Michael H.H. Hsiao. Taipei: : Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies, Academia Sinica, 2011. 32 pp.
    [ In Chinese ]
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 39.
    The Historical Role of Lim Nee Soon: A Re-examination
    Sun Yat Sen, Nanyang and the 1911 Revolution: A revisit, ed. Leo Suryadinata (2011): 245-271. Singapore: ISEAS, Chinese Heritage Centre. (International Conference on Sun Yat-Sen, Nanyang and the 1911 Revolution, 25 - 26 Oct 2010, Orchard Hotel, Singapore)
    [ In Chinese ]
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 40.
    The Singapore Chinese Language Education Paradox: Learning Chinese is Difficult for Chinese
    Launch of the Singapore Research Nexus (1 Mar 2011, NUS, Singapore)
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies