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  • 6021.
    Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 38.1 (1997): 55-74, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6022.
    ”Interest Rate Spreads and the Prediction of Real Economic Activity: The Case of Singapore”
    Developing Economies, 36 (1998): 289-304, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6023.
    ”Institutional Capacity and Singapore’s Developmental State: Managing Economic (In)Security in the Global Economy”
    Globalisation and Economic Security in East Asia: Governance and Institutions, Ed. H.E.S. Nesadurai, London: Routledge, 2005, 85-106, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6024.
    ”Income Distribution in Singapore: Trends and Issues”
    The Singapore Economic, XXXV.1 (1990): 143-160, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6025.
    ”Income Disparity in Singapore: Trends, Data Problems and Policy Issues”
    International Journal of Social Economics, (2001), Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6026.
    ”Imports, Exports and Economic Growth: Cointegration and Causality Tests For Singapore”
    The Singapore Economic Review, 42.2 (1999): 32-39, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6027.
    Journal of Popular Culture, 30.1 (1996): 215-231, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6028.
    Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 11.1 (1993): 23-45, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6029.
    ”Hong Kong, Singapore and the East Asian Crisis: How Important Were Trade Spillovers”
    World Economy, 25.4 (2002): 503-537, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6030.
    ”Home Ownership Policy in Singapore: An Assessment”
    Housing Studies, 6.1 (1991): 15-28, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6031.
    ”HIV/AIDS in Singapore: State Policies, Social Norms and Civil Society Action”
    Population Dynamics and Infectious Diseases in Asia, Eds. A. Sleigh, H.I. Chee, B.S.A. Yeoh, K.H. Phua and R. Safman, Singapore: World Scientific Publishing, 2006, 187-206, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6032.
    ”Hidden Views, Humanised Landscapes in Colonial Singapore”
    Sketching the Straits: A Compilation of the Lecture Series on the Charles Dyce Collection, Ed. I. Lim, Singapore: NUS Museums, National University of Singapore, 2004, 91-99, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6033.
    Journal of Aging and Social Policy, 16.1 (2004): 43-67, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6034.
    ”Grounding Global Flows: Constructing an E-Commerce Hub in Singapore”
    International Conference on Global Networks, Innovation and Regional Development: The Informational Region as Development Strategy, presented at University of California, Santa Cruz, 11-13 November 1999
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6035.
    ”Grounding Global Flows: Constructing an E-Commerce Hub in Singapore?”
    The World of Electronic Commerce, Eds. T.R. Leinback and S. Bronn, Chiechester: John Wiley, 2001, 145-166, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6036.
    ”Government Policy For Outward Investment By Domestic Firms: The Case of Singapore Regionalization Strategy”
    Singapore Management Review, 23.2 (2001): 23-44, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6037.
    Urban Studies, 38.7 (2001): 1025-1044, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6038.
    ”Globalising Retailing in Singapore: Cultural Commodification and Economic Change”
    The Internationalisation of Retailing in Asia, Eds. J. Dawson, M. Mukoyama, S.C. Choi and R. Larke, New York, NY: Routledge Curzon, 2003, 94-113, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6039.
    ”Globalisation, New Town Planning and Community in Singapore”
    Globalisation and Changing Society in Singapore, Ed. M. Kieserlging, 2000, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6040.
    Political Geography, 18.5 (1999): 563-589, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography