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  • 6461.
    ”Corporate Governance and the Global Reach of Chinese Family Firms in Singapore”
    Seoul Journal of Economics, 13.3 (2000): 301-334, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6462.
    ”Contrarian Investment Strategy: Evidence from the Singapore Stock Market”
    Pulses, (Apr 2002): 10-17, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6463.
  • 6464.
    ”Contesting ‘Local’ Commemoration of the Second World War: The Case of the Changi Chapel and Museum in Singapore”
    Australian Geographer, 36.1 (2005): 1-17, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6465.
    ”Containing Externalities From Land Transport: Transport Policy and the Environment in Singapore”
    Atmospheric Environment: Part B - Urban Atmosphere, 30.5 (1996): 787-801, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6466.
    ”Constructions of Foreign Migrants in a Time of SARS: The Case of Singapore”
    Migration and Health in Asia, Eds. S. Jatrana, M. Toyota and B.S.A. Yeoh, London: Routledge, 2005, 61-78, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6467.
    ”Constructing the Model Green City: Sustainable Development and Environmental Politics in Post-Industrial Singapore”
    by Neo, H.
    Malaysia-Singapore Forum 2009, presented at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 7-8 Dec 2009
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6468.
    Environment and Planning A, 33.9 (2001): 1597-1619, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6469.
    ”Competing For Transnational Corporations? The Regional Operations of Foreign Firms in Hong Kong and Singapore”
    Dynamic Asia: Business Trade and Economic Development in Pacific Asia, Eds. I.G. Cook, M.A. Doel, R.Y.F. Li and Y. Wang, Aldershot: Ashgate, 1998, 78-119, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6470.
    ”Civil Society Action and the Creation of ‘Transformative’ Spaces For Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore”
    Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 37.5 (2008): 548-569, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6471.
    Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 6.1 (2003): 5-29, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6472.
    ”Chinatown: The Duplicity of Landscape”
    The Singapore Architect, 191 (1996): 63-70, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6473.
    ”Characterizing Singapore: An Analysis of Lyrics in Singapore’s English Music”
    No Finer Time To Be Alive? Voices of Singapore's English Music, Eds. A. Chen and M. Ismahil, Singapore: Simpleman Books, 1996, 156-63, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6474.
    ”Changing Labour Force Gender Composition and Male-Female Income”
    Journal of Asian Economics, 12.4 (2001): 327-357, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6475.
    ”Changing Conceptions of Space in History Writing: A Selective Mapping of Writings On Singapore”
    At the Interstices and On the Margins: New Terrains in Southeast Asian History, Eds. A.T. Ahmad and L.E. Tan, Athena, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2003, 30-55, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6476.
    by Neo, H.
    Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 48.2 (2007): 186-199, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6477.
    ”Challenges of Global Economic Competition: The Singapore Response”
    Asian Academy of Management Journal, 1.2 (1996): 90-98, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6478.
    Singapore: The Encyclopedia, Eds. T. Koh, et al., Singapore: Editions Didier Millet, 2006, 86, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6479.
    ”Bukit Brown Cemetery”
    Singapore: The Encyclopedia, Eds. T. Koh, et al., Singapore: Editions Didier Millet, 2006, 75, Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 6480.
    ”Bilateral Trade in the Asia-Pacific: A Case Study For Australia, USA, Japan and Singapore”
    Asian Economic Journal, 12.4 (1998): 379-394, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics