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  • 61.
    Study on the Organisation and Staff of the Counselling and Aftercare Division, Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises, 1999, Print
    [ Research Report ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 62.
    Retirement: Cross-Cultural Perceptions and Preparation by Near Elderly in Singapore, Research Report 39, Ann Arbor: Population Studies Center, University of Michigan, 1997, Print
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 63.
    Report of the Task Force on Developing Voluntarism in Singapore, 1999, Print
    [ prepared for Submitted to the Ministry of Community Development ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 64.
    Task Force Report on Volunteer Structure and Functions in the Singapore Red Cross Society, 1999, Print
    [ prepared for Singapore Red Cross Society ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 65.
    Review of Singapore After-Care Association's Programmes and Services, 1996, Print
    [ Research Report, prepared for Singapore After-Care Association ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 66.
    The Singaporean Indian Drug Addict, 1996, Print
    [ Research Report (Internal) prepared for SINDA ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 67.
    Survey on the Need for a Masters in Social Work Course at NUS, 1995, Print
    [ Report to Management, prepared for Family Resrouce and Training Centre ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 68.
    Counselling in the Drug Rehabilitation Centres in Singapore, 1994, Print
    [ In-house Report for the Singapore Prison Department on state counselling in DRC ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 69.
    A Select Bibliography on Social Issues, Social Problems and Social Services in Singapore and Malaysia, Singapore: Department of Social Work, National University of Singapore, 1984, Print
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 70.
    Encounter witih Drugs (Self-Dislosures of Drug Abusers in Singapore), Singapore; Singapore News and Publications Ltd, 1983, Print
    [ In Chinese ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 71.
    Survey on Attitudes of Youths in Singapore: Report II - Youth Attitudes Towards Work, Singapore: Nanyang University Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1978, Print
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 72.
    The Attitudinal and Psychological Characteristics of Drug Abusers in Singapore, Cardiff, UK, 1986, Print
    [ PhD Thesis ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 73.
    Marginal Youth in Singapore, University College of Swansea, 1974, Print
    [ MSc Diss ]
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 74.
    Getting Ahead in Uncertain Times: Dynamics of Change and Adaptability of Singapore Business, SIM Research Series, Singapore: Singapore Institute of Management, 2004, Print
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 75.
    Substance Use in Singapore: Illegal Drugs, Inhalants and Alcohol, Singapore: Toppan, 1996, Print
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 76.
    Drug Abuse in Singapore: A Psychosocial Perspective, Singapore: Hillview Publications, 1989, Print
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 77.
    Effects of Digital Gaming on Children and Teenagers in Singapore: Final Report, Singapore: National Institute of Education, 2010, Print
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 78.
    The Social Worker Speaks; A Consideration of the Contribution of Professional Social Work in a Developing Singapore, Eds. C.M. Nayar and W.G. Fox, Singapore: Singapore Association of Professional Social Workers, 1963, Print
    Faculty Department :
  • 79.
    Singapore Youth in the Cyber World: A Descriptive Report, 2010, Print
    Faculty Department : Social Work
  • 80.
    Proceedings: Ageing in the 21st Century: Japan and Singapore, Eds. C.E. Bentelspacher and K. Minai, Singapore: Department of Japanese Studies, National University of Singapore, 1994, Print
    Faculty Department : Social Work