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  • 901.
    “Citizens and Foreign Labour in Singapore, 1957-1990″
    Crossing Borders: Transmigration in Asia Pacific, Ed. J.H. Ong, et al., Singapore: Centre for Advanced Studies/Prentice-Hall, 1995, 472-486, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 902.
    “Civil Society Activities in Singapore: A Report”
    Preliminary Forum: Asian Cultural Forum, presented at Gwangji Arts and Culture Council, Gwangju City, South Korea, 25-26 Jul 2005
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 903.
    “Class, Gender and Interest in Science: The Singapore Case”
    Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society, 21.3 (2001): 202-208, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 904.
    “Coffee Shops: Imagined Equality and the Being of Singaporeans”
    Workshop on "Food and Ethnography", presented 1-4 Jun 1998
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 905.
    “Chinese Society in Singapore”
    International Conference on South East Asian Chinese: Culture, Economy and Society, presented 20-23 Jan 1994
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 906.
    “Christianity in Singapore: The Voice of Moral Conscience to the State”
    Journal of Contemporary Religion, (2008), Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 907.
    “Chinese Business in Singapore: A Critical Review of the Literature”
    Ethnic Chiense Business in Southeast Asia, Ed. E.T. Gomez and M.H.H. Hsiao, Surrey: Curzon, 1999, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 908.
    “Chinese Business in Singapore: A Critical Survey of Current Issues and Research Problems”
    Conference on Ethnic Chinese Business in Southeast Asia, presented at Program for Southeast Asian Area Studies, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, 17-18 Nov 1997
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 909.
    “Childhood Socialization in Singapore: Preliminary Report on the Community Survey”
    Workshop on Early Childhood Socialization in Asia and the Untied States, presented 2-4 Sep 1992
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 910.
    “Changing Institutional Configurations for Scientific Research in Singapore: The Impact of Globalization”
    9 ICHSEA Conference, presented at Merchant Court Hotel, Singapore, 23 Aug 1999
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 911.
    “Characteristics of Social Development in Singapore”
    Sin Chew Jit Poh 50th Anniversary Souvenir Magazine 1929-1979, Singapore: Sin Chew Jit Poh, 1979, 51-62, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 912.
    “Characteristics of University Students and Their Learning Problems – The Singapore Case”
    International Conference on Teaching-Learning Process in Universities, presented at Penang, Malaysia, 1 Jan 1979
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 913.
    “Changes in Tamil Language Acquisition and Usage in Singapore: A Case of Subtractive Bilingualism”
    Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, 11.1 (1983): 104-107, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 914.
    “Changes in the Prevalence of Mobility Limitations and Mobile Life Expectancy of Older Adults in Singapore, 1995-2005″
    JOURNAL OF AGING AND HEALTH, 10.10 (2010): 83-97, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 915.
    “Changing Conceptions of Marriage and Family Living in Singapore”
    Review of Southeast Asian Studies, 13 (1983): 1-5, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 916.
    “Changing Female Employment Patterns in Singapore”
    Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, 4.1 (1976): 19-28, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 917.
    “Caregiving in Later Life: The Role of Family and Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore”
    Conference on Shifting Boundaries of Care Provision in Asia: Policy and Practice Changes, jointly organised by the Asia Research Institute, The Family, Children, and Youth Cluster & the Health Cluster of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore, presented on 14-15 Mar 2011
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 918.
    “Caste and Marraige Among Singapore Indians”
    The Contemporary Family in Singapore: Structure and Change, Ed. C.Y. Kuo and A. K. Wong, Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1979, 189-207, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 919.
    “Catching Up with Development: The Singapore Experience”
    Journal of Asiatic Studies, 31.1 (1988): 209-222, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 920.
    “Catching Up with Development: The Singapore Experience”
    Journal of Asiatic Studies, XXXI.1 (1988): 209-222, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology