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  • 921.
    “Centripetal Authority, Differential Networks: The Social Organization of Chinese Firms in Singapore”
    East Asian Business and Development, Ed. G. Hamilton, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 1991, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 922.
    “Building Democracy in Singapore”
    Critical Studies, 5 (1996): 29-52, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 923.
    “Career Practices in Singapore”
    Seminar, Faculty of Commerce, presented at Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan, 22 Apr 1992
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 924.
    “Bilingualism and National Identity: A Singapore Case Study”
    Language and Society in Singapore, Ed. E.A. Afendras and E.C.Y. Kuo, Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1978, 233-253, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 925.
    “Biotechnology Foreign Direct Investment in Singapore”
    Transnational Corporations, 15.2 (2006): 99-124, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 926.
    “Blinding with Science: Genetic Augmentation in Singapore’s ‘Great Marraige Debate'”
    Departmental Research Seminar, presented 1 Jan 1984
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 927.
    “Bringing Back the Old Ways: Remebering and Re-Installing a Local Goddess in Urban Singapore”
    South Asian Religious Transnationalism: Regional DYnamics, Global Passages, presented at Syracuse University, Syracuse, US
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 928.
    “Believing and Belonging: Religion in Singapore”
    Past Times: A Social History of Singapore, Ed. C.K. Tong and K.B. Chan, Singapore: Times International Publishing, 2002, 165-97, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 929.
    “Bengali-Speaking Transnational Families in Singapore: Home, Nation and the World”
    International Workshop on Asian Transnational Families, presented 2-4 Feb 2005
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 930.
    “Between Authoritarianism nad Democracy: The Singapore Model”
    East Asian Barometer Planning Workshop, presented 22-23 Oct 2004
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 931.
    “Between Compliance and Resistance: Women and the Middle Class of Way of Life in Singapore”
    Gender and Power in Affluent Asia, Ed. K. Sen and M. Stivens, London: Routledge, 1998, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 932.
    “Between Economy and Races: Asianization of Singapore”
    Space, Culture and Power: New Identities in Globalizing Cities, Ed. A. Oncu and P. Weyland, London: Zed Press, 1997, 23-41, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 933.
    “Between the Devil and the Deep-Blue Sea: Conceptualizing Victims’ Experiences of Policing in Domestic Violence in the Singaporean Context”
    The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, 39.1 (2006): 90-108, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 934.
    “Beyond Formal Structures: Democratization in Singapore”
    Asian Studies Review, 17.1 (1993): 99-106, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 935.
    The American Sociologist, 26.4 (Winter 1995): 88-106, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 936.
    “Beyond the Red Head Scarves: Reflections on the Samsui Women in Singapore”
    Studying Globalisation: Issues and Problems, presented at Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK, 29-30 Jun 2006
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 937.
    “Balancing Maro- and Micro-Sociolinguistic Perspectives in Language Management: The Case of Singapore”
    Language Problems & Language Planning, 17.1 (1993): 1-21, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 938.
    “Balancing State Welfarism and Individual Responsibility: Singapore’s CPF Model”
    Promoting Social Inclusion in the Commonwealth, presented at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 4 Oct 2001
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 939.
    “Bangladeshi Labour Migration to Singapore: A Sociological Perspective”
    79th Meeting of the Japan Sociological Society Roundtable Discussion on Frontiers of Asian Sociologies, presented at Kyoto, Japan, 28-29 Oct 2006
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 940.
    “Bangladeshi Migrant Workers in Singapore: The View from Inside”
    Asia-Pacific Population Journal, 20.1 (2005): 63-68, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology