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  • 81.
    Singapore and ASEAN Economic Cooperation: ADIPA-ASEAN Research Project, Bangkok, Thailand: United Nations, Asian and Pacific Development Inst., 1978, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 82.
    Direct Foreign Investment in Manufacturing in Developing Countries: The Case of Singapore (Commission on Industrial Systems. Symposium 1979, No. 7), Rotterdam: Economisch Geografisch Instituut, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, 1979, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 83.
    Chinese Customs and Rites in Singapore: A Report of the Survey, Singapore: Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, 1989, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 84.
    SAMH Survey of the General Health of the Singapore Population. A Report, Singapore: Singapore Association for Mental Health, 1989, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 85.
    Assessing Export Platforms: The Case of Singapore, CAER II Discussion Paper No. 72, Apr 2000, Harvard Institute of International Development, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 86.
    Development, Trade, and the Asia-Pacific: Essays in Honour of Professor Lim Chong Yah, Eds. B.K. Kapur, E.T.E. Quah and H.T. Hoon, Singapore; New York: Prentice Hall, 1996, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 87.
    Some Aspects of Political Economy and Long-Run Growth: The Case of the CPF and Public Employment in Singapore, Staff Seminar Paper No. 11 (1991/92), Singapore: National University of Singapore, Dept. of Economics and Statistics, 1991, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 88.
    Fiscal System of Singapore: Trends, Issues and Future Directions, Eds. M.G. Asher and A. Tyabji, Singapore: Centre for Advanced Studies, National University of Singapore, 1996, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 89.
    How Rewarding Is Technical Analysis? Evidence from the Singapore's Stock Market, BRC Papers on Financial Derivatives and Investment Strategies, No. FDP 200207, Business Research Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, 2002, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 90.
    Social Adequacy and Equity of the Social Arrangements in Singapore, National University of Singapore, Center for Advanced Studies, Occasional Paper, 1991, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 91.
    Small Firms in Singapore, Singapore; New York: Oxford University Press, 1988, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 92.
    Workers Perceptions of Wages in Singapore, Singapore: Times Academic Press for the Centre for Advanced Studies, National University of Singapore, 1990, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 93.
    Trade Unionism in Singapore, Singapore: McGraw-Hill, 1991, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 94.
    Changes in the Industrial Structure and the Role of Small and Medium Industries in Asian Countries: The Case of Singapore, Tokyo: Institute of Developing Economies, 1985, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 95.
    The Singapore Worker: A Profile, Singapore: Oxford University Press, 1992, Print
    [ ]
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 96.
    Singapore's Perceptions of Singapore-Japan-Relations: A Selective Survey of the Literature, 1991, Print
    [ Report? ]
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 97.
    The IT Professionals in Singapore, Singapore, 1988, Print
    [ A classified report for National Computer Board ]
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 98.
    The Industrial Structure in Singapore, Japan, 1983, Print
    [ Monograph ASEAN-Japan Research Project ]
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 99.
    Industrialisation Strategy and Industrial Performance in Singapore, 1960-73, McGill University, Canada, 1976, Print
    [ PhD Thesis ]
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 100.
    Asian Regional Team for Employment Promotion [Working Papers (Asian Employment Programme)], Bangkok, Thailand: ILO-ARTEP, 1982, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics