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  • 101.
    “The Old Order Changeth: Britain’s Military Commitment to Singapore 1967-71″
    Churchill and the Lion City: Shaping Modern Singapore, presented at UCC, National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Faculty Department : History
  • 102.
    “The Nation as Emergency Medicine: Health and Politics in Postcolonial Singapore”
    Health and Disease in Asia: Historical Perspectives and Global Linkages, presented at ARI, Singapore, 21-22 Apr 2006
    Faculty Department : History
  • 103.
    “The National Past and the Writing of the History of Singapore”
    Imagining Singapore, Eds. K.C. Ban et al, Singapore: Times Academic Press, 1992, 46-68, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 104.
    “The Malaysia Cup: An Alternative Vision to Nation Building in Singapore”
    International Workshop on Modern Sports in Asia: Cultural Perspectives 29-30 April 2010, presented at ARI, Singapore, 29-30 Apr 2010
    Faculty Department : History
  • 105.
    “The Malaysia-Singapore Split: A Politico-Geographical Explanation”
    Pacific Viewpoint, (Sep 1966), Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 106.
    “The Military and Development in Singapore”
    Soldiers and Stability in Southeast Asia, Eds. J.S. Djiwandono and M.C. Yong, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1988, 279-290, Issues in Southeast Asian Security, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 107.
    “The Missing History of a People with a Voice: Anglophone Asians in Colonial Singapore, 1920-1940″
    The Makers and Keepers of Singapore History, presented at National University of Singapore, Singapore, 10 Nov 2008
    Faculty Department : History
  • 108.
    “The Lee Kuan Yew Story as Singapore’s History”
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 33.3 (2002): 545-557, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 109.
    “The Impact of the Cold War on the China Trade for the Chinese Merchants in Singapore, 1945-1965″
    18th Asian Studies Association of Australia Biennial Conference, presented at The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia, 5-8 Jul 2010
    Faculty Department : History
  • 110.
    “The Head of State in Singapore: A Historical Perspective”
    Centre for Advanced Studies Workshop on The Elected Presidency of Singapore, presented at Centre for Advanced Studies, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 28 May 1994
    Faculty Department : History
  • 111.
    “The Head of State in Singapore: A Historical Perspective”
    Managing Political Change: The Elected Presidency of Singapore, Eds. K. Tan and P.E. Lam, London: Routledge, 1997, 9-51, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 112.
    Singapore Studies: Critical Surveys of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1986, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 113.
    “The Founding of the People’s Republic of China and the Economic Concerns of Singapore Chinese Entrepreneurs”
    Southeast Asian Chinese and China: The Politico-Economic Dimension, Ed. L. Suryadinata, Singapore: Times Academic Press, 1995, 161-192, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 114.
    “The Founding of the PRC and the Economic Concerns of the Singapore Chinese Businessmen”
    International Conference on Southeast Asian Chinese: Culture, Economy and Society, presented 22 Jan 1994
    Faculty Department : History
  • 115.
    “The Early Years of a New Assembyl: Bethesda Gospel Hall, Singapore, 1864-1914″
    The Growth of the Brethren Movement: National and International Experiences - Essays in Honour of Harold H Rowdon, Eds. N.T.R. Dickson and T. Grass, London: Paternoster Press, 2006, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 116.
    “The Economic History of Malaysia: A Bibliographic Essay”
    The Journal of Economic History, 25.2 (1965): 244-262, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 117.
    “The Dice were Rather Heavily Loaded: Wavell and the Fall of Singapore”
    History Department Seminar Series, presented 1 Mar 2000
    Faculty Department : History
  • 118.
    “The Dice were Rather Heavily Loaded: Wavell and the Fall of Singapore”
    Leadership and Responsibility in the Second World War: Essays in Honour of Robert Vogel, Ed. B.P. Farrell, Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2004, 182-234, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 119.
    “The Domiciled Identity in Colonial Singapore: Understanding the Straits Chinese Beyond Race, Nation and Empire”
    Peranakan Chinese in a Globalized Southeast Asia, Ed. L. Suryadinata, Singapore: Chinese Heritage Centre, Nanyang Technological University, 2010, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 120.
    “The Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia”
    Asia Magazine, 7 May 1967, Print
    Faculty Department : History