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  • 101.
    “The Impact of Collectivism and Situational Variations on the Motivation to Achieve in Singapore”
    Progress of Asian Social Psychology, Ed. K.S. Yang, et al., London: Praeger, 2003, 155-170, Print
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 102.
    “The Impact of Religious Beliefs and Practices on Aging: A Cross-Cultural Comparison”
    Journal of Aging Studies, 11.2 (1997): 101-114, Print
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 103.
    “The Father-Adolescent Relationship in the Context of the Mother-Adolescent Relationship: Exploring Moderating Linkages in a Late Adolescent Sample in Singapore”
    Journal of Adolescent Research, 18 (2003): 383-404, Print
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 104.
    “The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS)”
    Singapore Medical Association Newsletter, 25.10 (1995): 11-12, Print
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 105.
    “The Effects of Nationality, Length of Residence and Occupational Skills on Perceptions of Foreign Talent in Singapore”
    Third Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psychology, presented 4-7 Aug 1999
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 106.
    “The Development and Teaching of Psychology in Singapore”
    XXVI International Congress of Psychology, Comp. Scientific Program Committee, Montreal: International Union of Psychological Science, 1996, 478, Print
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 107.
    “The Development of Biscriptal Literacy: A Longitudinal Study of Chinese/English Bilingual Children in Singapore”
    International Congress of Psychology, presented at Brussels, Belgium, 1 Jul 1992
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 108.
    “The Cultural and Linguistic Modification of the Renfrew Action Picture Test for Use in Singapore”
    Speech Pathology Australia Conference 2001 Proceedings, Eds. S. Hewatt and L. Wilson, presented at Melbourne, Australia, 1 Apr 2001
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 109.
    “The Concept of Mastery in the Need for Achievement in Singapore: An Implication for Planning the Teaching-learning Environment”
    The Xth International Conference on Education Research, presented 1 Jan 1992
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 110.
    “The Concept of Mastery in the Need for Achievement in Singapore: An Implication for Planning the Teaching-learning Environment”
    Curriculum Research and Practice: Cauldron or Crucible, Ed. K.A. Toh, 1992, 109-118, Print
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 111.
    “Studying Psychology at NUS”
    FASS Orientation Talks for New Students, presented 28 Jul 2003
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 112.
    “Stress on Patrol: Stress and Coping Among Singapore Patrol Officers”
    XXV International Congress of Psychology, presented 7-12 Jul 2002
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 113.
    “Specific Language Disorders in Singapore Children: Four Case Studies”
    "Yeo H. C., Liow S. R. & Gupta A. F. (1994). Specific Language Disorders in Singaporean Children: Four Case Studies. Singapore Journal of Education, 14(2), 1-10"
    Faculty Department : English Language and Literature and Psychology
  • 114.
    “Specific Language Disorders in Singaporean Children”
    Singapore Association of Applied Linguistics, presented 1 Nov 1992
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 115.
    “Specific Language Impairments in Singapore Children”
    Commentary, 13 (1996): 22-24, Print
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 116.
  • 117.
    “Social Psychology Perspective on The Singapore Dream Newspaper Article”
    News on I, Singapore: Singapore Press Holdings, 2003, Print
    [ Channel 8, Singapore Press Holdings Television Channel ]
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 118.
    “Social Action Research on Sexual Violence in Singapore”
    23rd International Congress of Applied Psychology, presented 14-22 Jul 1994
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 119.
    “Social Advertising in Singapore”
    Bulletin of Nikkei Advertising Research Institute, 141.3 (1992): 21-25, Print
    Faculty Department : Psychology
  • 120.
    "Bishop G. D. (1996). Singaporean Beliefs About HIV and AIDS. Singapore Medical Journal, 37(6), 617-621"
    [ As part of an in-home survey, 429 Singaporeans responded to questions concerning beliefs about AIDS as a disease and the ways in which one can contract HIV. The results indicated that, although many held realistic beliefs, identifiable biases and misconceptions were present. Virtually all respondents were aware that HIV is contracted through sexual contact as well as the sharing of needles during IV drug use. However, many respondents believed that it is either somewhat or very likely for HIV to be transmitted through casual contact, by giving blood, or from mosquitoes and other insects. Also, many expressed the belief that persons with AIDS are identifiable through visible symptoms or membership in high risk groups and a significant percentage indicated a lack of concern about the disease. Implications for understanding AIDS beliefs and for health education are discussed. ]
    Faculty Department : Psychology