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  • 101.
    Youth.sg: The State of Youth in Singapore 2010
    3rd ed., Singapore: National Youth Council, 2011, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 102.
    Religion State Encounters in Hindu Domains: From the Straits Settlements to Singapore
    ARI Springer Asia Series, Vol. 1, Ed. Kenneth Dean and Michael Feener, Dordrecht: Springer, 2011, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 103.
    “Rac(ial)ist Children and Ghosts”
    Singapore Shifting Boundaries: Social Change in the Early 21st Century, Ed. William S.W. Lim, Sharon Siddique, and Tan Dan Feng, Singapore: Asian Urban Lab, 2011, 11-16, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 104.
    “Singapore as Model: planning innovations, knowledge experts”
    Worlding Cities: Asian experiments and the art of being global, Ed. Ananya Roy and Aihwa Ong, Urban and Social Change, vol. 3, Ed. Jenny Robinson, Neil Brenner, Matthew Gandy, Patrick Le Galès, Chris Pickvance and Ananya Roy. New York: Wiley Blackwell, 2011, 29-54, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 105.
    “Making Singapore’s liberal base visible”
    The AWARE Saga, Ed. Terrence Chong, Singapore: National University of Singapore Press, 2011, 14-24, Print
    [ The essay is the lead essay in the edited volume that chronicles and analyses the event in which a group of right wing Christian conservatives took over an established liberal women's organization, Association of Women in Action and Research (AWARE). ]
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 106.
    “Caregiver burden for terminally ill patients among the Chinese in Singapore”
    Singapore's Ageing Population: Managing Healthcare and End of Life Decisions, Ed. Chan Wing Cheong, New York: Routledge, 2011, 77-92, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 107.
    “The Global Schoolhouse: Governing Singapore’s Knowledge Economy Aspirations”
    Higher Education in the Asia, Ed. S. Marginson, S. Kaur and E. Sawir, Dordrecht: Pacific Springer, 2011, 255-272, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 108.
    Evolving with the Times: The Changing Landscape of Work Life Integration in Singapore.
    Singapore: Employer Alliance, 2011, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 109.
    Towards a Cleaner Singapore: Sociological Study on Littering in Singapore
    Singapore: National Environment Agency, 2011, Print.
    [ Research consultancy publication, 172 pp. ]
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 110.
    IPS Post Election Survey 2011
    Singapore: Institute of Policy Studies, 2011, Print
    [ Research report, 97pp. ]
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 111.
    “Reflections on the Singapore General Election”
    Singapore: Institute of Policy Studies, 2011, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 112.
    “Regime Support in Singapore: Re-examining an Enigma”
    Asian Barometer Southeast Asia Workshop, presented at Holiday Inn, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2011
    [ Invited paper. ]
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 113.
    “Rethinking Policing in Singapore: New Challenges to Legitimacy”
    Asian Policing Compared, presented at Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, 28-29 Jul 2011
    [ Invited paper. ]
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 114.
    “Rural to Urban Mobility across National and Transnational Space in Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore”
    Annual Meeting of the Association of Asian Studies, presented at Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, 30 Mar-4 Apr 2011
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 115.
    “Referencing Singapore in Asian Urbanism”
    East Asian Architectural Culture International Conference (keynote paper), presented at Department of Architecture, NUS, Singapore, 12-14 May 2011
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 116.
    “Thinking about Culture, Education and Globalization: Notes from a Little Red Dot”
    by Erb, M.
    English Across Culture, presented at Ganeshan University of Education, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia, 20-21 Oct 2011
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 117.
    “Poverty and Inequality: Singapore”
    Inequality and the Obstacles to Human Development in SE Asia, presented at Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, 28 Jul 2011
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 118.
    “Education and Human Capital Management in a World City: The Case of Singapore”
    Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 31.3 (2011): 263-76, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 119.
    “Not Yet Married — the Implications of Meanings of Marriage on Youths in Singapore”
    Hong Kong Journal of Youth Studies, 14.1 (2011): 113-29, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 120.
    “Families, Friends and the Neighborhood of Older Adults: Evidence from Public Housing in Singapore”
    Journal of Aging Research, 2012 (2011): 2090-212, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology