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  • 101.
    “Paulo Freire’s Ideas in Hegemonic Discourses: The Reception and/or Resistance of Freirean Critical Pedagogy in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia”
    World Congress of Socieology, presented at Sveska Museum, Gothenberg, Sweden, 8-17 Jul 2010
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 102.
    “Pengaruh bahasa Inggeris keatas bahasa Melayu Malaysia, Singapura dan bahasa Indonesia”
    Pengaruh Bahasa Inggeris keatas Bahasa Melayu Malaysia, Singapura dan Bahana Indonesia, presented 1 Jul 1998
    [ In Malay ]
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 103.
    “Orang Seletar, Orang Kallang, and Orang Selat in the Rhetoric of Singapore’s Development”
    presented 24-27 Mar 1997
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 104.
    “Old Problems, New Strategies? – Childcare Management in Malay Dual Income Families in Singapore”
    Southeast Asian Association for Gender Studies, Malaysian Branch (SAMA) on Women and Men in Changing Societies, presented at Equatorial Bangi, Bangi, Malaysia, 14-15 Sep 2002
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 105.
    “Muslim Personal Law in Singapore: Problems and Prospects for Reforms”
    Conference on Malay Culture and Society, presented 3-6 Nov 2009
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 106.
    “Muslim Personal Law Within the Singapore Legal System: History, Prospect and Challenges”
    Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs/ Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, 29.1 (2009), Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 107.
    “Muslim-Non-Muslim Marriage in Singapore”
    Muslim-Non-Muslim Marriage: Political and Cultural Contestations in Southeast Asia, Eds. G.W. Jones et al., Singapore: ISEAS, 2009, Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 108.
    “Modernization and National Consciousness”
    Modern Singapore, Eds. J.B. Ooi and H.D. Chiang, Singapore: University of Singapore, 1969, 216-232, Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 109.
    “Minority Fikh in Singapore”
    Conference on the Sacred in the Global City, presented at National Library, Singapore, 27 Mar 2007
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 110.
    “Marriages Between Muslims and Non-Muslims in Singapore”
    Muslim Non-Muslim Marriages
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 111.
    “Malay Cosmopolitan Activism in Post-War Singapore”
    Paths Not Taken, Eds. M.D. barr and C.A. Trocki, Singapore: National University of Singapore Press, 2008, 132-153, Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 112.
    “Malay Language and Literature in Singapore”
    Singapore Studies, Ed. B. K. Kapur, 1986, 323-336, Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 113.
    “Malay Literature in Singapore”
    Literary Monthly, (1977), Print
    [ Written in Chinese ]
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 114.
    “Malay Studies in Singapore 1985-1995″
    Singapore Studies II, Edition 2, Ed. B.H. Chua, Singapore: Singapore University Press, 1997, Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 115.
    “Malay-Muslim Religious Discourse in Singapore: The Assertions of Religious Elites and Dakwah Activists in the Public Sphere”
    International Conference on Religion and Public Sphere, presented at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 116.
    “Malays of Singapore, a History”
    Singapore: The Encyclopedia, Singapore: Editions Didier Millet, National Heritage Board, 2006, Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 117.
    “Looking for Help – Organising Childcaring by Employed Women in Singapore”
    Asian Research Institure Workshop on Singaporean Women on Workers, Mothers and Caregivers: Coping With Changes, Challenges and Commitments, presented 18 Jan 2003
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 118.
    “Making Sense of an Evolving Identity: A Survey of Studies on Identity and Identity Formation of Malay-Muslims in Singapore”
    Journal of Muslim-Minority Affairs, 26.3 (2006): 371-382, Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 119.
    “Joseph Ducroux, a French Agent of the Comintern in Singapore (1931-1932)”
    Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, LXIX.1 (1996): 1-20, Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 120.
    “Islam and Social Change in Singapore”
    Islam in the 21st Century, presented at Thamasat University, Bangkok, Thailand, 22-25 Feb 2000
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies