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  • 121.
    “The Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia”
    Asia Magazine, 7 May 1967, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 122.
    “The Colonial Office and the Singapore Merdeka Mission, 23 April to 15 May 1956″
    Journal of the South Seas Society, 49 (1995): 104-122, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 123.
    “The Chinese in Search of a Base in Nanyang”
    Journal of the South Seas Society, 14 (1958), Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 124.
    “The China Trade for the Chinese Merchants in Malaya and Singapore During Decolonisation, 1945-65″
    Business History Conference, presented at University of Georgia, Athens, GA, US, 25-27 Mar 2010
    Faculty Department : History
  • 125.
    “The Chinese and Japanese in Colonial Singapore, 1870s to 1941: Through the Lenses of Globalization, International Relations, Regional Interactions and Localization””
    International Symposium on Globalization, Localization and Japanese Studies in the Asia-Pacific Age, presented 28-31 Oct 2004
    Faculty Department : History
  • 126.
    “The Chinese and Japanese in Colonial Singapore, 1870s to 1941″
    Japan and Singapore: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Ed. T.T.Y. Hui, 83-114, Singapore: McGraw-Hill Education Asia, 2006, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 127.
    “The Chinese and the Japanese in Colonial Singapore, 1870s to 1941″
    Borders Crossing, People and Law: Cases in Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, presented at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, 29 Jul 2006
    Faculty Department : History
  • 128.
    “The Chinese Civil War and the Singapore Chinese Community, 1945-1949″
    7th Conference of the International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas, presented at NTU, Singapore, 7-9 May 2010
    Faculty Department : History
  • 129.
    “The British Defence of Singapore in the Second World War: Implications for the SAF”
    SAFTI MI Military History Seminar, presented at SAFTI MI, Singapore, 30 Aug 2007
    Faculty Department : History
  • 130.
    “The British Defence of Singapore in the Second World War: Implications for the SAF”
    Malayan Campaign 1941-42: Lessons for ONE SAF, Pointer Monograph, 6.6, Singapore: Journal of the Singapore Armed Forces, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 131.
    “The Business of the Cinema in Colonial Singapore, 1920-1940″
    Circuits of Cultural Entrepreneurship in China and Southeast Asia, 1900-1965, presented at National University of Singapore, Singapore, 13-15 Aug 2010
    Faculty Department : History
  • 132.
    “The 600th Anniversary Commemoration of Zheng He Voyages in Singapore”
    Zheng He and the Afro-Asian World: First International Conference on Zheng He, presented at Melaka, Malaysia, 5-8 Jul 2010
    Faculty Department : History
  • 133.
    “The “Black Hole” of Singapore History: Problems, Perspectives and Challenges on Pre-Raffles Singapore”
    The Makers and Keepers of Singapore History, presented at ARI Seminar Room, Singapore, 10 Nov 2008
    Faculty Department : History
  • 134.
    “The 1959 Singapore General Elections”
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, VI.1 (1975): 61-86, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 135.
    Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 72.1 (1999): 113-124, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 136.
    “Temasek, Singapura and Singapore: From Ancient to Colonial Port”
    Malay Heritage of Singapore, Eds. A.T. Lau and B. Platzdasch, Singapore: Malay Heritage Foundation, 2010, 20-31, Print
    Faculty Department :
  • 137.
    CDTL Brief NUS, 10.3 (2007), Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 138.
    “Studying Nationalist China: Library and Archival Experiences of a Singapore-Based Researcher”
    Workshop on "Overseas Chinese in Singapore: Historical Links with China via Archival Sources", presented at National Archives of Singapore, Singapore, 7 May 2002
    Faculty Department : History
  • 139.
    Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 36.1 (1963): 79-152, Print
    Faculty Department : History
  • 140.
    “State and the Sikhs in Singapore: The Making of a “Model Minority””
    International Convention of Asian Scholars, presented at KLCC, KL, Malaysia, 2-4 Aug 2007
    Faculty Department : History
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