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  • 141.
    ‘On the Education Treadmill': Young People Narrate Experiences of ‘Achievement Trajectories’ in Auckland and Singapore
    Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, presented at Seattle Convention Centre, Seattle, United States, 12 - 16 Apr 2011
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 142.
    Accumulating ‘Cosmopolitan Capital': PRC Children Studying in Singapore
    Joint Conference of the Association for Asian Studies and International Convention of Asia Scholars, presented at Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States, 31 Mar - 3 Apr 2011
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 143.
    Housing the Arts in Heritage Neighbourhoods: The Singapore Experience
    International Conference on Humanities 2011: Empowering the Humanities in Upholding Heritage, Knowledge, People and Nature, presented at School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, 14 - 16 Jun 2011
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 144.
    Singapore’s Chinatown: Heritage, Tourism and Multiculturalism in a Postcolonial City-State
    International conference on The Distinctiveness of Cities|Modes of Re-Production (Invited paper), presented at Darmstadt University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany, 15 - 17 Jun 2011
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 145.
    Islamic Tourism in Singapore: Trends and Prospects
    World Islamic Tourism Conference 2011, presented at School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 12 - 13 Jul 2011. (Organized by Global Islamic Tourism Organization and International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia).
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 146.
    Singapore’s Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies: Changing Mindsets and Pedagogical Challenges
    International Seminar and Workshop on the Development of Multidisciplinary Programme on Sustainability and Environmental Management (Invited paper), presented at Seoul National University, South Korea, 27 - 29 Jul 2011
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 147.
    Physical Characteristics of Particles and Particles-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Selected Urban Environments of Singapore
    8th Annual Meeting of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society, presented at Taipei International Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan, 8 - 12 Aug 2011
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 148.
    From Third World to First? Liverpool Malays Return to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore
    Global Modernity and Asian Urban History, presented at RI, Singapore,12 - 13 Sep 2012
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 149.
    Creating Urban Spaces for Cultural Heritage and the Arts in Singapore: Balancing Policy-led Development and Organic Growth
    1st Asian Workship on Cultural Economics (Keynote paper), presented at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan, 27 - 28 Nov 2011
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 150.
    Exploring Urban Neighbourhoods: Methodological Complexities of Comparative Research in Hyderabad and Singapore
    Planetary Urbanisations: Comparative Perspectives (Invited paper), presented at CREATE FCL SEC-ETH Zurich, University Town, Singapore, 30 - 31 Jan 2012
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 151.
    Review of Recent Urban Climate Studies and Climate Change for Singapore
    AAG 2012 Annual Meeting, presented at Hilton Hotel, New York, United States, 24 - 28 Feb 2012
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 152.
    Urban Heritage Conservation in Singapore
    MND Speaker Series 2001, presented at MND Auditorium, Ministry of National Development, Singapore, 26 Sep 2011
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 153.
    Liveable Cities: is the Quality of Life Measurable?
    Centre for Liveable Cities Lecture Series, presented at URA Auditorium, Singapore, 31 Jan 2012
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 154.
    Earth Sciences at the National University of Singapore
    Innovation Magazine - The Magazine of Research & Technology, 10, no. 2 (2011): 44-47.
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 155.
    AOGS to Convene Largest Ever Geosciences Conference in Singapore
    Innovation Magazine - The Magazine of Research & Technology, 10, no. 2 (Earth Sciences) (2011): 72-73. Print
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 156.
    Dating Rocks in Singapore: Plate Tectonics between 280 and 200 Million Years Ago
    Innovation Magazine - The Magazine of Research & Technology, 10 (2011): 22-25.
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 157.
    Geothermal Power for Singapore: Does Singapore have a Natural Resource?
    Innovation Magazine - The Magazine of Research & Technology, 10 (2011): 26-29.
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 158.
    Editorial: Earth Sciences in Singapore
    Innovation Magazine - The Magazine of Research & Technology, 10 (2011): 1.
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 159.
    Engineered Geothermal Power Systems for Singapore
    Journal of Institution of Engineers, Singapore, 4 (2011): 245-253.
    Faculty Department : Geography
  • 160.
    Migration Trajectories of “Highly Skilled” Middling Transnationals: Singapore Transmigrants in London
    Population, Space and Place, vol.17, no.1 (2011): 116-129.
    Faculty Department : Geography
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