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  • 141.
    “A Singapore Malay/Muslim in the 21st Century”
    Aspirasi, 5 (1997): 8-9, Print
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 142.
    “A Forgotten Activist: Ahmad Ibrahim and the Maria Hertogh Controversy in Singapore”
    Conference as a Festschrift to Ahmad Ibrahim's Contributions, presented at Hilton Hotel, KL, Malaysia, 21-23 Aug 2007
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
  • 143.
    “”It’s Not Me”. Re-interpreting the Meaning of Veiling by Young Malay Muslim Women in Singapore”
    Second Conference Kartini Asia Network. The Future of Asian Feminisms Confronting Fundamentalisms, Conflict and Neoliberalism, presented at Mecure Resort Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, 2-5 Nov 2008
    Faculty Department : Malay Studies
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