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  • 1.
    Adding a Basic Pillar to the Central Provident Fund System: An Actuarial Analysis
    Singapore's Economic Development :Retrospection and Reflections (2016), Chapter 11, pp.249-277
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 2.
    “Structuring the Payout Phase in a Defined Contribution (DC) Scheme in High Income Countries: Experiences of Singapore”
    ERIA Social Protection Workshop, presented at Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, 5-6 Mar 2011
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 3.
    “Retirement Adequacy and Housing Consumption Choices — Central Provident Fund in Singapore”
    Singapore Economic Review Conference, presented at Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore, 4-6 Aug 2011
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 4.
    Motor Vehicle Taxes: Their Role in the Singapore Revenue Systems and Implication for the Environment, EEPSEA Special Papers, Economic and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA), 1997, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 5.
    Motor Vehicle Taxes As Environmental Instruments: The Case of Singapore, Research Report No. 9820, London: University of Western Ontario, Department of Economics, 1998, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 6.
    Analysis of Tax Policy Options for Singapore: A General Equilibrium Approach, University of Western Ontario, London, United States, 1991, Print
    [ PhD Thesis ]
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 7.
    “The Central Provident Fund Investment Scheme in Singapore: A Preliminary Comparisons of Returns”
    [ Working Paper ]
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 8.
    “The Central Provident Fund and Financing Retirement Needs of Elderly Singaporeans”
    Ageing in Southeast Asia and East Asia, Ed. H.G. Lee, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2008, 22-39, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 9.
    “Tax Policy Options for Singapore: A General Equilibrium Approach”
    The Public Finance and General Equilibrium Workshop, presented on 1 Nov 1989
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 10.
    “Social Protection in Singapore: Targeted Welfare and Asset-Based Social Security”
    Social Protection Asia-Issues and Challenges, Comp. ERIA, 2010, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 11.
    SCAPE Policy Research Working Paper Series, No. 2005/03, 2005, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 12.
    “Motor Vehicle Taxes as an Environmental Management instrument: The Case of Singapore”
    Environmental Taxation in Practice, Eds. A. Muller and T. Sterner, Aldershot, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2006, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 13.
    SCAPE Policy Research Working Paper Series, No. 2009/01, 2009, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 14.
    “Medical Cost Inflation in Singapore: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis”
    Presented at Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan, 1 Jun 2003
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 15.
    SCAPE Policy Research Working Paper Series, No. 2005/02, 2005, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 16.
    “Long Term Care Financing in Singapore: A Case Study on Stroke Care”
    Health Care Challenges for an Ageing Population, presented at Orchard Hotel, Singapore, 29 May 2009
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 17.
    “Life Annuities of Compulsory Savings and Income Adequacy of the Elderly in Singapore”
    Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 2.1 (2003): 41-65, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 18.
    “Health for All: Financing and Delivery Issues”
    Singapore Economy in the 21st Century: Issues and Strategies, Eds. W.T. Hui, A.T. Koh, V.V.B. Rao and K.L. Lim, Singapore: McGraw Hill, 2002, 164-187, Print
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 19.
    “An Overview of the Singapore Tax System”
    3rd Training Program on Taxation for Policymakers in DMCs, presented on 19-28 Apr 1995
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 20.
    “An Evaluation of the Singapore Tax System: A General Equilibrium Approach”
    World Bank Workshop, presented at Washington DC, United States, 2 Oct 1990
    Faculty Department : Economics
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