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  • 1.
    Neighbourhoods for the City in Pacific Asia
    Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2020.
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 2.
    International Education Ambitions and Regional Supports
    Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia, 2, no. 2 (2014): 163-182.
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 3.
    Youth.sg: The State of Youth in Singapore 2010
    3rd ed., Singapore: National Youth Council, 2011, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 4.
    “Education and Human Capital Management in a World City: The Case of Singapore”
    Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 31.3 (2011): 263-76, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 5.
    Youth.sg: State of Youth in Singapore 2010, Singapore: National Youth Council, 2010, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 6.
    Youth.sg: State of Youth in Singapore, Second Edition, Singapore: National Youth Council, 2006, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 7.
    Youth.sg: State of Youth in Singapore, Singapore: National Youth Council, 2003, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 8.
    The Economics of the Kyoto Protocol: A Cost-Benefit Analysis for Singapore, 2005, Print
    [ Prepared for Inter-Agency Task Force on Kyoto Protocol ]
    Faculty Department : Economics
  • 9.
    City States in the Global Economy: Economic Restructuring in Hong Kong and Singapore, US: Westview Press, 1997, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 10.
    “The Neighbourhood in the Creative Economy: Policy, Practice and Place in Singapore”
    Urban Studies, 46.5-6 (2009): 1187-1201, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 11.
    “Telecommunications and the Competition for Hub Functions: Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney Compared”
    Cities in the Global Information Society, presented at Newcastle, UK, 22-24 Nov 1999
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 12.
    “Singaporean Strategy for Maintaining Competitiveness”
    Management Strategies of the Korean Peninsula in the 21st Century: A Geo-Economic Approach, Ed. C. Hong and W.B. Kim, Seoul: Korean Research Institute for Human Settlements, 1999, 437-468, Print
    [ In Korean ]
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 13.
    “Singapore: Maneuvering in the Middle League”
    Asian NIES and the Global Economy, Ed. G.L. Clark and W.B. Kim, John Hopkins University Press, 1995, 113-142, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 14.
    “Semi-Periphery and Borderland Intergration: Singapore and Hong Kong Experiences”
    Political Geography Quarterly, 16.3 (1997): 241-259, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 15.
    “One Response from the South: Singapore Efforts at Developing Hub Functions”
    16 Pacific Regional Science Conference, presented at Seoul Education and Cultural Center, Seoul, South Korea, 12-16 Jul 1999
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 16.
    “One Response from the South: Singapore Efforts at Developing Hub Functions”
    16th Pacific Regional Science Conference, 1999, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 17.
    “Issues of Industrial and Urban Development: Public Housing in Singapore”
    Malaysia and SIngapore: Experiences in Industrialisation and Urban Development, Ed. B.H. Lee and K.S. Susan Oorjithan, Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya, 1993, 369-392, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 18.
    “Inter-Firm Linkages in Singapore’s Electronics Industry”
    International Conference on Inter-Firm Linkages, Industrial Restructuring and Regional Development, presented at Pusan National University, Pusan, South Korea, 19-20 May 1995
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 19.
    “Industrial Restructuring the Singapore City-State, and the Regional Division of Labour”
    Environment and Planning A, 26 (1994): 33-51, Print
    Faculty Department : Sociology
  • 20.
    “Housing a Nation and Creating the Golden Shoe: Assessing Singapore’s Record of Urban Development”
    ISA RC21 Paths of Urban Change: Social and Spatial Perspectives, presented at SDE, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 9-11 Dec 2004
    Faculty Department : Sociology
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