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  • 1.
    “A Chinese leading revolutionist or a pioneer of Singapore? – A study of Lim Soon”
    Guangzhou: Zhongshan University Press (2012).
    [ [In Chinese] ]
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 2.
    The Historical Role of Lim Nee Soon: A Re-examination
    Sun Yat Sen, Nanyang and the 1911 Revolution: A revisit, ed. Leo Suryadinata (2011): 245-271. Singapore: ISEAS, Chinese Heritage Centre. (International Conference on Sun Yat-Sen, Nanyang and the 1911 Revolution, 25 - 26 Oct 2010, Orchard Hotel, Singapore)
    [ In Chinese ]
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
  • 3.
    Towards a New Horizon: Challenges and Future Roles of the Chinese Association Clans
    Yihe Shiji, ed. Koh Hock Kiat (2011): 6. Singapore: Ee Hoe Hean Club.
    [ In Chinese ]
    Faculty Department : Chinese Studies
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