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  • 1.
    Metaphors in Political Advertisements: A Case Study of Taiwan's Presidential Election in 2004, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2006, Print
    [ M.A. Thesis, In Chinese ]
    Faculty Department :
  • 2.
    Chinese Characters I Text Book (In English and Chinese), Ed. C.Y. Lin, Singapore: NUS Extension, 2002, Print
    Faculty Department :
  • 3.
    “Teaching Chinese Characters Through Sight, Sound and Imagination – A Pedagogical Experiment Known as “SCWCSS””
    CLaSIC2006, presented at Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore, Singapore, 7-9 Dec 2006
    Faculty Department :
  • 4.
    “Lim Boon Keng: His Feminism Inclination and Two Marriages”
    Journal of Singapore Middle School Chinese Teachers' Association (Yearly on Chinese Education), 30 (2005), Print
    [ In Chinese ]
    Faculty Department : Centre for Language Studies
  • 5.
    “Hanzi de Kexuehua Jiaoxue Changshi (The Systematic and Cognitive Approach in Teaching Chinese Character)”
    Journal of Singapore Middle School Chinese Teacher's Association, 32 (2007), Print.
    [ In Chinese ]
    Faculty Department :
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