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  • 1.
    Singapore and the Silk Road of the Sea, 1300 – 1800
    Singapore: NUS Press, 2013.
    Faculty Department : History
  • 2.
    Archaeology in Singapore
    Handbook of East and Southeast Asian Archaeology. Springer, 2014.
    Faculty Department : Southeast Asian Studies
  • 3.
    Why the British Came to Singapore
    In Between Two Oceans: A Military History of Singapore From 1275 to 1971, 2nd ed., 36-55. Singapore: Marshall Cavendish, 2011. 20 pp.
    Faculty Department : Southeast Asian Studies
  • 4.
    Fort Canning: an Early Singapore Cemetery
    In Spaces of the Dead: A Case from the Living., ed. Kevin Tan, 32-47. Singapore: Singapore Heritage Society, 2011. 16 pp.
    Faculty Department : Southeast Asian Studies
  • 5.
    Singapore’s Archaeological Heritage: What has been Saved
    In Rethinking Cultural Resource Management in Southeast Asia: Preservation, Development, and Neglect, ed. John N. Miksic, Geok Yian Goh, Sue O'Connor, 217-234. London: Anthem Press, 2011. 18 pp.
    Faculty Department : Southeast Asian Studies
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