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  • 1.
    An examination of the motivations for lifelong learning among older persons in Singapore
    In Lifelong Learning: Practice and Prospect, ed. Chinese Adult and Lifelong Education Association. Taipei: Shida Shuyuen, 2014. (In Chinese).
    Faculty Department : Japanese Studies
  • 2.
    Social networks and the wellbeing of older adults in Singapore
    In Successful Aging: Asian Perspectives, ed. Sheung-Tak Cheng, Iris Chi, Helence Fung, Lydia Li and Jean Woo. London: Springer, 2015.
    Faculty Department : Japanese Studies
  • 3.
    “Population Profile in Singapore: Trends and Challenges”
    Aging and Social Changes in East Asia, presented at the Japan Aging Research Center, Tokyo, 2003
    Faculty Department : Japanese Studies
  • 4.
    “Middle Class in Singapore: Development and Characteristics”
    A Study of the "Middle Strata" in Modern Singapore, Ed. W. Sachiko, Japan: Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women, 2000, Print
    [ In Japanese ]
    Faculty Department : Japanese Studies
  • 5.
    “Intergenerational Initiative in Singapore: Commitments to Community and Family Building”
    Linking Lifetimes: A Global View of Intergenerational Exchange, Eds. M. Kaplan, Nancy Z. Henkin and A. Kusano, Lanham: University Press of America, 2002, Print
    Faculty Department : Japanese Studies
  • 6.
    “Ageing in a ‘Shrinking’ World': The Impact of Globalization on Asian Values within the Context of Ageing in Singapore”
    Proceedings of 'Into the Millennium of the Older Adult: Releasing Potentials and Erasing Prejudices' (Regional Conference), presented at the Gerontological Society, Singapore, 2001
    Faculty Department : Japanese Studies
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