Research Capability Development


SSR's Research Capability Development Service

SSR’s Research Capability Development Service provides research advisory service that is grounded and relevant to research practice in VWOs and in government, with the aim of building research capability of social workers and public service officers who engage in social service research.

Fei Yue Family Service Centre

In 2018, Fei Yue Family Service Centre came on board as our first partner. The scope of service includes providing supervision to senior research staff, offering research advice on applying implementation science frameworks to promote evidence-based practice among social workers and to evaluate an information & referral service based in a police station.

Lakeside Family Services

In 2019, Lakeside Family Services engaged SSR to build research capability of their social workers in order to promote the greater use of research to inform practice. The research projects include evaluating a children and youth holiday programme and a group intervention to improve financial literacy, examining drop-out among youths from centre-based programmes and understanding the perceptions of long term low-income clients.

Credit Counselling Singapore

Credit Counselling Singapore is our latest partner on board. After their staff graduated from our Research Mentoring programme in 2018, the organisation recognised the value-add of building and strengthening their in-house research capability. Through the Research Capability Development Service, the team is developing a needs assessment to understand unmet needs of their clients and improving the logic models of their existing programmes.

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