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We have expanded!

Effective 01 April 2014, the FCY Research Cluster has evolved into the Centre for Family and Population Research (CFPR). The Centre will provide a sharper focus and greater supportive mechanisms for scholars, students and community leaders to pursue high quality family and population research. 

You can visit the CFPR website here.


5-6 May 2014
Workshop: Youthful Futures? Aspirations, Education and Employment in Asia
Organizers: Dr NAAFS Suzanne, A/P SKELTON Tracey
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(jointly organized with the Asia Research Institute)

17 April 2014
Seminar jointly organized with Sociology Department: :The Global Diffusion of Inequality since 1970
Speaker: A/P Salvatore Babones, The University of Sydney
Chair: Dr Manjusha Nair, Sociology Department, NUS

21 March 2014
Lunchtime talk: Wealthy Neighbourhoods and the Reproduction of Gender and Ethnic Inequalities in Elite Shcool Enrolment in Singapore, 1971-2010
Speaker: Dr Vincent Chua, Department of Sociology
Chair: TBA

11 March 2014
Seminar: Privatizing marriage in postsocialist China
Speaker: Professor Deborah Davis of Yale University
Chair: Professor Wei-Jun Jean Yeung, ARI/Sociology
(Jointly organized with Asia Research Institute)

21 Febuary 2014
Lunchtime talk: Early Adolescents' Relationship with their parents in the United States and China
Speaker: Dr Qin Lili, Department of Psychology
Chair: A/P Irene Ng, Social Work Department

24 January 2014
Seminar jointly organised with Geography Department: The nature of play: children's seasonal playing practices in Auckland, New Zealand
Speaker: Christina R. Ergler, University of Otago, New Zealand
Chair: A/P Tracey Skelton

22 January 2014
Meeting with Ministry of Social and Family Development on research interests and collaboration
Organised by Professor YEUNG Wei-Jun Jean
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23 January 2014
Seminar jointly organised with Sociology Department: Unemployment among Immigrant and Local-born Youth in Hong Kong
Speaker: Professor Eric Fong, University of Toronto
Chair: Dr Vincent Chua

5-6 December 2013
Upcoming conference: Living alone: One-person household in Asia
Organised by Professor YEUNG Wei-Jun Jean, Dr. Adam Cheung

29 November 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: Education and Preferences: Experimental Evidences from Chinese Adult Twins
Speaker: Dr. Zhong Songfa, Economics Department, NUS
Chair: Dr Jessica Pan, Economics Department.

14 November 2013
Seminar jointly organised with Sociology Department: Single-Sex Schools and Adolescents' Education and Health Outcomes: Random Assignment in Seoul High Schools"
Speaker: A/P Hyunjoon Park, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Chair: Dr Joonmo Son, Sociology Department

31 October 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: Understanding drivers of caregivers and depression among Singaporeans: Insights from the Singapore Informal Caregiving Survey
Speaker: A/P Angelique Chan, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School & Department of Sociology
Chair: A/P Marcus Chiu, Social Work Department

18 October 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: “Reclaiming the Nation”: The Persistence of Class, Gender and Region-Based Concerns in South Korean Family Planning?, 1964-present
Speaker: Dr. John Paul Dimoia, History Department, NUS
Chair: A/P Hyunjoon Park, University of Pennsylvania, USA

11 October 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: Fertility Intentions and Behavior in a Lowest-Low Fertility Country: Findings from Korea
Speaker: Dr Erin Hye-Won Kim, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
Chair: Professor Gavin W. Jones, Director, JY Pillay Comparative Asia Research Centre, GAI

13 September 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: The evolution of video game affordances and implications for parental mediation
Speaker: Hee Jhee Jiow, Phd Candidate, Communications & New Media Department, NUS
Chair: Professor YEUNG Wei-Jun Jean, ARI/Sociology Department, NUS

26 April 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: Family Complexity and Intergenerational Relations.
Speaker: Professor Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr., University of Pennsylvania
Chair: A/P Thang Leng Leng of Japanese Studies Department

19 April 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: Behind the Academic Curtain: How to Find Success and Happiness with a PhD.
Speaker: Professor Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr., University of Pennsylvania
Chair: Professor Chua Beng Huat of Sociology Department

9 April 2013
Public Lecture: The transition to adulthood in the West: some potential "lessons" and potential dilemmas for Asia
Speaker: Professor Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr., University of Pennsylvania
Chair: Professor YEUNG Wei-Jun Jean of Sociology Department

22 March 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: Hiring domestic help and family well-being among Chinese couples in Hong Kong
Speaker: Dr. Cheung Ka Lok of Sociology Department
Chair: Dr. Qiushi Feng of Sociology Department

15 March 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: Television and International Family Change
Speaker: A/P Rukmalie Jayakody, Pennsylvania State University
Chair: Professor YEUNG Wei-Jun Jean of Sociology Department

8 March 2013
Lunchtime Seminar: Unintended Advocacy: Foreign ownership and Workplace gender equity in Japan
Speaker: Dr. Jiwook Jung of Sociology Department

29 January 2013
Non-traditional Wife with the Traditional Husband: Gender Attitudes and Husband-to-Wife Violence in Hong Kong by Dr Adam Cheung
Organised by Professor YEUNG Wei-Jun Jean

21 December 2012
Roundtable on Children’s agency in various contexts: family, health, social services and on the streets
Convenor: Dr. Esther C L Goh of Social Work Department

7 December 2012
Lunchtime Seminar:Effect of Widowhood on Family Care Cost in the Chinese Elderly Population
Speaker: Dr. Qiushi Feng of Sociology Department
Chair: Dr. Jessica Pan of Economics Department

6 December 2012
Lunchtime Seminar:Educational Expansion and Educational Achievement in Comparative Perspective
(The event is joint-organised by the Sociology Department)
Chair: Prof. Wei-Jun Jean Yeung

23 November 2012
Brownbag Seminar: From College Aspirations to College Completion in the United States: Gender and Ethnic Disparities
Speaker: Prof. Charles Hirschman of University of Washington
Chair: Prof. Wei-Jun Jean Yeung

15-16 November 2012
Conference on marriages by Gavin Jones et al Marriage in Asia: Trends, Determinants and Implications

19 October 2012
Brownbag Seminar: Smoking quantity in old age in the context of retirement satisfaction, spousal smoking status, and gender
Speaker: Ho Jeong-Hwa of Sociology Department
Chair: Dr. Quishi Feng

28 September 2012
Brownbag Seminar: Using Normative Theory to Explain the Effect of Religion and Education on Volunteering
Speaker: A/P Joonmo Son of Sociology Department
Chair: Prof. Wei-Jun Jean Yeung

31 August 2012
Brownbag Seminar: Challenge of the Aging Society and a New Vision for the Filial Piety -The Welfare Paradigm of Integrated Generations beyond the Blood Relations
Speaker: Prof. Sung-Nam Cho of Ewha Womans Unviersity (Korea)
Chair: A/P Ho Jeong-Hwa

11-13 July 2012
3rd International Conference of Geographies of Children, Young People and Families (CGCYPF) (Joint with Department of Geography)
Chair: Assoc Professor Tracey Skelton

25 June 2012
Seminar: The Anthropology and Demography of Gender Bias in Vietnam
(Joint with Global Asia Institute)
Speaker: Dr. Christophe Z. GUILMOTO
Chair: Prof. Gavin JONES

20 April 2012
Cluster Lunchtime Seminar: Impact of Internal Migration on Adolescents in Rural China
Speaker: Ms. Hu Shu
Chair: A/P Jessica PAN

27 January 2012
Cluster Lunchtime Seminar: "The Trouble with Boys: Social Influences and the Gender Gap in Disruptive Behavior" by Dr Jessica Pan

16-17 December 2011
Children-at-Risk Workshop (Joint with the Dept of Social Work)

14 November 2011
Trafficking in Women? Or Multicultural Family?: The Contextual Difference of Commodification of Intimacy by Dr Hyunok Lee, ARI
(Joint with the Migration Cluter, FASS)

10-11 November 2011
11 November: Academic Redshirting in Hong Kong: Implications for the Educational Progress of Mainland Chinese Immigrant Students
(Joint with the Singapore Management University)

10 November: School Achievement and College Access of Mainland Chinese Immigrant Students in Hong Kong by Prof Pong Suet-Ling, CUHK and Penn State U
(Joint with the Migration Cluster, FASS)

28 October 2011
Cluster Brownbag Seminar: Prof Jean Yeung

30 September 2011
Cluster Brownbag Seminar:Political Economy of Social Mobility in Singapore by Dr Irene Ng

29 September 2011
News Report for Transitions in Adulthood Conference

August 2011
Cluster Brownbag Seminar:Prof Leon Kuczynski

27 July 2011
Cluster Brownbag Seminar: Professor Robyn Longhurst

21-22 July 2011
Transitioning to Adulthood: Marriage, Fertility, and Labour Force Participation

17 June 2011
Educational Differences in Divorce in Japan by Professor James Raymo

16 June 2011
Population Aging at the Local Level and Health at Older Ages in Japan by Professor James Raymo

24 May 2011
China and the World in the Next Ten Years by Professor Yao Yang

23 May 2011
Academic Seminar: The Cursed Virtue: Government Infrastructural Investment and Household Consumption in Chinese Provinces by Professor Yao Yang

20 May 2011
Cluster Brownbag Seminar: Wives' midlife work experience and couples' joint retirement decision in later life in the United States by Dr Jeonghwa Ho

About Us

The Family, Children and Youth Cluster in the National University of Singapore, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, is an interdisciplinary research cluster that focuses on the determinants and consequences of the well-being of family, children and youth and related public policies. The primary goal of this research cluster is to stimulate dialogue and foster cross disciplinary collaboration between students, faculty, researchers in the universities, practitioners, and policy makers so that together, critical issues and policies related to family well-being can be effectively identified and addressed. We also aim to bridge basic academic research with public policies that affect families and children. The distinctive approach of this cluster is its integration of both a life course and an international-comparative perspective into its framework. As such, the cluster members’ interests span across different age groups and regions of the world.

Cluster Aims

Family-Work Balance Gender and Sexuality
Economic Stress and Family Parental investments and Skill formation
Family, State, and Policy Identify Formation & Subjectivity
Communications, Conflicts and Disruptions in the Family Youth ‘politics’ and ‘Politics’, Political Identity/ activism, Citizenship
Race, Class, Gender and Family Youth Participation and Agency
Social Change and Family Intra-household Dynamics
Transnational/ Multicultural Families Transition to Adulthood
Health and the Family Intergenerational Mobility
Social Network and the Family Intergenerational Transfer (Relationship/ Economic)
Aging, family relations, and policies Marriage and Parenthood
Parent-Child Relationship Fatherhood
Child Welfare and policy Adoption
Childhoods Adolescent Development

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