Welcome to the NUS Department of Social Work's website!

Since 1952, our department has trained social workers in Singapore who have positively and significantly impacted our society, at both levels of frontline social work practice addressing the needs of marginalized groups and individuals, as well as policy changes promoting social justice and inclusiveness. Today, we continue to attract some of our country's brightest students who demonstrate talent and passion for the people-helping profession.

Social Work education at NUS strongly advocates a dual focus of thinking and doing. By thinking, we engage students in conceptual, abstract, and critical thinking that is vital for effective leadership in social work practice. By doing, our students undergo a mandatory 800-hour field educational experience -- our signature pedagogy -- which provides immersion in practice and empowers students for real-life scenarios upon their graduation.

Our team of academic staff have a diversity of strengths, including extensive practice experience, excellent research competence, and teaching domain expertise. We take a serious stance in insuring that our teaching is research-informed and practice-relevant, offering the following programs: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Work (with Honours); Graduate Diploma in Social Work; Masters in Social Work (by coursework); Masters in Social Sciences (by research); PhD (by research). Moving forward, we shall be launching the following initiatives:

Our website provides you with all the information that you might need about us - we very much welcome your visit and interest, and look forward to connecting with you!

Warm regards,
Esther C. L. Goh, Ph.D.
Head, Dept. of Social Work
National University of Singapore

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