About Continuing Education

About Continuing Education

The Department of Social Work established the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in response to a national effort to promote lifelong learning, in enabling our workforce to engage in a momentum of self-initiated and continuous pursuit of knowledge, both for personal and professional development.

Our CPE consists of various programmes to help Social Workers and all helping professionals acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes at different stages of their careers, so that they can remain competent and confident in their area of work throughout their career progression, while staying relevant with the increasingly complex social landscape in order to best serve the needs of their clients.

Professional Certificates & Short Executive Courses

- They are designed with the National Social Work Competency Framework (NSWCF) in mind and are conducted in a multi-modal teaching method ranging from online lessons to classroom interactions.

- Training Grants are available to help defray course fees. Please refer to individual course information to find out more.

Financial Capability and Asset Building (FCAB)

- This is a 4-days programme (1 day online learning and 3 days classroom interaction) targeted at equipping social workers with the knowledge and skills to support financially vulnerable individuals and families by providing guidance on household financial matters and access to appropriate services.

- Free-of-charge.


- Topics are offered by overseas domain experts

Customised in-house training

Write to us at swkcpe@nus.edu.sg if you would like us to customise a course for your organisation.

Social Workers who attend our CPE courses are eligible to earn CPE credits, which adds up to the required number for renewal of accreditation status. Please check with the Social Work Accreditation and Advisory Board for more details on the CPE credits.

Connect with Us

For enquiries on our courses and seminars, please contact us at +65 6516 3712 or swkcpe@nus.edu.sg

To receive latest updates of our programmes, please email to swkcpe@nus.edu.sg, with the email subject "Add me to your mailing list".

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