The following are suggested guidelines for special circumstances which may result in student absence from field work and which will, fortunately, occur only in a few placements.


A student requiring medical leave must produce a medical certificate covering the day(s) of absence, and time lost because of medical leave must be made up. If only one or two days are involved, Field Supervisor and student can probably arrange for the time lost to be made up before the end of the placement. If the period of medical leave is longer and/or is difficult to make up during the placement, Field Supervisor has to contact the Department to discuss the problem.

After the Field Supervisor has initialled the medical certificate students are asked to pass the certificate to the Department Secretary. Medical leave from Field Practice is leave from a University requirement and must therefore go into the student's University records.

Emergency Leave

Where a student requires time off from field practice because of some pressing personal emergency, the time will have to be made up later on. Field Supervisors are asked to get in touch with the Department as soon as possible should such an emergency situation arise.

Leave for Personal Matters

In general, full attendance is expected for the stipulated placement duration. Fieldwork days missed for any reason need to be made up through overtime work and/ or extended placement. Absence from fieldwork for any personal reasons without prior approval of the fieldwork supervisor is deemed as unacceptable. Generally, students are allowed a maximum of 2 days leave, if necessary and justifiable, subjected to the approval of fieldwork supervisors.

In the event that there is any extension of leave beyond 2 days, the joint decision of the Department's Fieldwork team and Fieldwork Supervisor has to be sought. Generally, permission will only be granted for official reasons, such as students having to represent the University/ Singapore for their curriculum activities. Please note that leave for personal reasons such as holiday plans and camps (Orientation camps / religious camps / overseas field trips ) will not be considered.

Students are required to fill up the application for leave of absence and seek the approval of Department's Fieldwork team. Upon the approval by the Department's fieldwork team, students could proceed to seek the approval from the Fieldwork Supervisors. (Please see Appendix J: Application for Leave of Absence Form).

Students are required to indicate their preference of placement agency through online registration. Their preference would be matched with the agency's requirements, using the computerized system. The outcome for assignment of field agencies is dependent on various factors, such as students' choices, availability of placement opportunities at the field agencies, and special requirements indicated by the field agencies. Unless valid reasons are given, appeal from students for change of placement agency is generally not considered. Other guidelines concerning the selection and assignment of field agencies include the following:

* Students are not allowed to negotiate their own placement. However, they are encouraged to offer ideas of placement for the general pool of placements available for all students.

* Students will not be placed in agencies where they had had personal ties or experiences as former/ current clients or relative of a client. They will also not be placed in agencies where they have any prior/ existing relationship with the supervisors.

* Where possible, the Department of Social Work will take into consideration the specific needs of students (illness, physical disability) when making arrangements for placement agency.

* Second placement students will not be allowed to do placement in their previous placement agencies, to ensure that they gain exposure in learning about social work practice in different contexts.

Students are required to submit the Log Sheet (Please see Appendix K: Log Sheet), and Per Diem Claim Form (Please see Appendix L: Per Diem Claim Form) together with their portfolio after the completion of field placement to the Department of Social Work for claiming of per diem.

All Singaporean undergraduates subscribed to the Local Comprehensive Medical Scheme whereas all full time international undergraduate students subscribed to the International Comprehensive Medical Scheme. Students may want to check with the Office of Students Affairs for more information on the schemes and coverage.

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